Sunday, April 4, 2010

Choosing the Right Appetite Control Supplement

An appetite control supplement acts on the brain's chemistry to suppress the sensations of hunger and thirst. For overweight people and for folks who wish to slim down, the suppression of these sensations is vital.

For overweight individuals, altering life long eating patterns can be the most difficult path to slimming down. A lifetime of beer and oily fish and steaks can be hard to beat.

Natural slimming Products

Hoodia gordonii works on the human physiology by attaching to receptor cells in the hypothalamus. A part of the hypothalamus is responsible for regulating chemical signals that tell a person when he or she is hungry or not.

An appetite control supplement can be in the form of synthetic diet pills or herbal diet pills. Herbal diet pills such as Hoodia have been proven effective in suppressing hunger in clinical tests in both humans and laboratory rats.

An active ingredient in the Hoodia gordonii cactus is responsible for its appetite suppressing property. The molecule in question is molecule P57, which is steroidal in nature. Studies are underway regarding the maximum use of this molecule for hunger and thirst suppression.

How other diet pills work ?

It is important to have a broader perspective regarding how diet pills operate. Herbal diet pills, which have little or no side effects, act upon the chemical constitution of the brain to suppress hunger.

Other diet pills utilize lipids and use laxative compounds to induce weight loss in users. An appetite loss supplement that use Alfalfa leaf powder for example, alters the digestive tract in such a way that it feels fuller than it really is.

Other compounds use traditional medicines from China, such as supplements that utilize Chitosan extracts. Chitosan extracts are from crustaceans; however, allergic reactions are common to those allergic to seafood.

You should note that there are prescribed medications for obesity and there are over-the-counter diet pills. Most Over The Counter (OTC) diet pills use herbal or so-called natural ingredients to lessen contraindications.

Prescribed medications, like dietary fat binders, are prescribed only by doctors after a thorough evaluation of individual cases of obesity has been made. If a diet pill does not inhibit the chemical signals that tell a person that he or she is hungry or not, that diet pill is a dietary fat binder. Chemical fat binders allow the body to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates, but not fat.

Hoodia gordonii herbal diet pills

There are several brands battling on the slimming market for the Hoodia gordonii niche. One of these brands is UniqueHoodia which sells for $54.95 in the US market.

The UniqueHoodia contains 90 pills per box. The product's claim is that the product is 100% Hoodia Gordonii Powder and it will be able to lower food intake, thereby effectively reducing weight.

Other slimming pills, like Hoodia Gordonii Plus and ProshapeRX work similarly by altering the basic action of the human body on fat. Some products use natural fiber sources to effectively carry away excess fat and improve the digestive tract.

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The Anatomy Of Obesity: Why Is America Becoming Fat?

Do you remember the movie “Supersize Me”? America is getting fatter everyday with fast foods feeding the voracious appetite with larger servings of saturated fat and more sugary soft drinks.

While many Americans are not completely enamored with the idea of eating at fast foods everyday, these individuals are still getting fatter. Do we have a plague on our hands? Or does it have something to do with the way America has been consuming its calories?

According to the Center for Disease Control or the CDC in the United States, the majority of the adult population in America is now ill with obesity. The figure is alarming, which is why we should do something about it now.

According to the CDC around 60% of adult Americans now fall into the category of mildly obese to morbidly obese. Even with the country-wide recession, this figure is not budging. The problem seems to be much deeper than economics.

The factors

According to the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute, the problem with overweight individuals in the United States is a mixture of social, cultural, psychological and genetic factors.

Let us try to discuss each of these factors to shed light on this alarming development in the American population.

1.Social - there are two extreme poles with regard to weight in America. One pole states that the ideal body figure should be stick-thin, and thus, food in general should be avoided.

This pole has resulted in the production of anorexics and bulimics. The other pole has a “no-care” attitude, and says that we should eat all we want because we have full rights to our own bodies.

Both extreme poles are problematic, dangerous and unfortunately, wildly popular. This means that teenagers as well as adults are espousing ideas from both these poles, and both are being damaged by this kind of thinking.

2.Cultural - America has a bipolar personality with regards to weight and weight control. The culture of the thin wants women to be as thin as possible, forgetting that nutrition is still a big part of how humans survive on a day-to-day basis.

The fast food culture on the other hand, encourages convenience, glossing over the number of calories and the harmful effects of too much cholesterol and body fat. Again, both these extreme poles are harming the populace.

3.Psychological - some Americans might be finding comfort in overeating. The human psyche was designed in such a way that if it cannot cope with pressure, it finds “comfort activities”. One of these popular “comfort activities” is eating.

Chocolates, sugary foods and crunchy junk foods all fall into the category of comfort food. They fall into the category because they are easily available, tasty and come in large quantities.

4.Genetic - though this is something that medicine cannot completely alter, genetics also plays a part in the rising number of obese adults.

The premise here is simple- if your parents were obese, you would be predisposed to be obese as well. If you become obese, your children and your children’s children will be predisposed to obesity too.

It’s a vicious cycle that we should try to stop by remedying obesity now.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Dropping a Dress Size With the Aid of Herbal Diet Pills

Herbal diet pills are becoming a popular weight loss option for many people around the world, so says hoodia gordonii reviews. In the United States alone, the industry of slimming down has been estimated at around 16 million US dollars. In the United Kingdom, the figure is much higher, at about 21 million in sterling pounds.

The periodic rise of obesity cases in these two countries are symptomatic of the lack of proper knowledge regarding healthy living. In the interim, herbal diet pills fill the gap to help people lose weight.

The Anatomy Of Losing Weight

Medical science plainly points out that the only real way to lose weight is to eat less fat or no fat at all, and exercise. These two components to a healthier weight level is achievable only if a person has willpower.

In some instances, the chemical constitution of a person inhibits willpower. Hunger pains and the drive to eat foods that are high in fat and sugars often make diets a failure.

According to many hoodia gordonii reviews, herbal diet pills systematically address certain chemical issues within the body. For example, hunger pains and cravings for sugary drinks are impeded by supplements such as herbal diet pills containing Hoodia gordonii extracts.

The extract from the cactus Hoodia gordonii automatically lock on to specific chemical receptors in the brain, stopping the flow of chemical information. This chemical information tells other parts of the brain that a person is hungry or thirsty.

Diet And Hunger Pains

Hoodia gordonii reviews point out that there is a difference between genuine hunger and hunger from being deprived of sugary and foods that are high in fat.

Ideally, a person should be dependent on proteins and carbohydrates and not on animal fat. Unfortunately, with an ever-growing fast food culture and modern mentalities, this is nigh possible to achieve.

When a person goes on a diet of fruits, cereals and vegetables from a lifetime of eating greasy beef, the hunger pains are severe. Often people feel that their stomachs are being ripped apart after a few hours of not eating meat. The vegetables and cereals provide ample energy, but the body is so used to animal meat that the chemical signals insist that the body is still hungry.

Hoodia Steps In

Hoodia gordonii and other herbal pills might be able to help people that are suffering from hunger pains. The ideal premise for effective use of Hoodia gordonii is composed of the following components:

1. Regular exercise regimen

2. Elimination of alcohol and smoking

3. Cutting down on high-fat foods

4. Eating more vegetables, especially those that are high in organic fiber

According to weight loss expert, the extracts in herbal diet pills containing the product would help people endure systematic caloric reduction. For example, if a person had been used to 4,000 calories a day then Hoodia would make 2,500 calories bearable. With sheer willpower alone, a reduction of 1,500 calories from a regular diet would cause grief.

The grief factor is removed from the equation, because the person will not feel hungry as the body adapts to the changing eating patterns.

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At Home DNA Testing is Here

You can't watch a crime drama on TV, or the news (think Anna Nicole Smith) for very long nowadays without hearing about DNA. DNA testing can tell who fathered a child. It can rescue an innocent inmate from prison, or prove the case against a criminal. DNA testing can give you an idea of certain diseases you are more likely to develop than other people. DNA can also link you with your ancestors and show you where they might have come from.

But what exactly is DNA? Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a sort of blueprint for every cell in your body. Your genes are made from DNA. You get half from your mother, and half from your father. The only two people that can have identical DNA are identical twins. In every other case, DNA is a so-called genetic fingerprint. Because it is unique, police and prosecutors look to DNA samples to help catch and convict criminals. In the legal system, DNA samples must be handled carefully.

But people can take their own DNA tests in the privacy of their homes. A blood sample is not necessary. All that is needed is a few cells from the lining of the cheek. A scraping of the lining taken with a swab is enough to do DNA testing. It is most commonly used to determine paternity.

The kit for the test can be ordered online, or bought at a drugstore. The cost for a simple paternity test runs between $100 and $250. You take your own sample, and send it to the lab. If you are trying to establish paternity, you also need a swab of the possible father's cheek, and of the child's cheek. Most labs that do this testing say that they can tell you with greater than 99% accuracy if the person sampled is the child's father, and 100% if he is not.

There are also ways to get the possible father's DNA surreptitiously. Sometimes labs can run the test from a piece of chewed gum, or a hair. Each lab is different, and less-than-perfect samples cost hundreds of dollars more to test.

What else can you do at home? You can prove other familial relationships if there is some question. You can also have your DNA tested to look into your ancestry. The National Geographic Society is even collecting DNA samples from all over the world to create a sort of genetic world map. You can participate by conducting an at-home DNA test, which costs about $100.

Some other types of home DNA testing are probably best avoided. One company says it can tell you as early as 7 to 8 weeks into a pregnancy what the sex of the unborn baby will be. This is allegedly possible because some of the baby's blood mixes in with the mother's blood. You take a sample of the mother's blood at home. If the lab finds a Y chromosome in any of the sample, the baby will be a boy, because only males have a Y chromosome. If no Y chromosome is found, the baby will be a girl. This whole area of DNA testing is not proven, and there are lawsuits at the current time against companies that reported the unborn child's sex incorrectly. There are also ethical issues even if this test were to be perfect.

Another category of DNA testing exists, genetic testing for markers of certain medical conditions. Usually, if this kind of test is necessary, your doctor will order it, and it will be done in a lab that is certified to give accurate results. More importantly, your doctor can advise you what the test means. If you have a certain gene, you have an increased probability of developing a certain disease. It doesn't mean you will get the disease, and a negative test does not mean you won't.

You can do these tests at home. But you will not have anyone to explain what the results really mean. Still, people do these tests, sometimes for privacy, or in order to prevent health insurance companies from knowing the results and perhaps raising their rates. But to test for the right conditions and actually understand what the results mean, you should see your doctor, or in some cases, a geneticist.

As of today, at-home DNA testing is best used to determine paternity or other familial relationships when there is no legal requirement, or to get information about your ancestry.

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