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Burning Calories With a Reebok T5.1 Treadmill

Unhealthy lifestyles and poor diets have contributed extra kilograms to most of the people. To earn their living, people have sacrificed most of the time working in the office and their hectic schedule does not even allow them to go for a jog at the nearest park. Extra calories will be stored in our bodies and accumulate into fat. If you are willing to fork out 15 - 20 minutes per day, you will be able to shed off these excess pounds. Reebok T5.1 treadmill will be the right choice for those who are performance and result orientated.

Reebok T5.1 treadmill features a large LCD that displays the heart rate, calories burnt, distance, time and speed of the runner. The backlit LCD enables runner to monitor their progress in dark. The runner can either control the speed manually or run any of the 3 user programs that are installed to the equipment.

There are two ways to measure your heart rate with the Reebok T5.1 treadmill - by the wireless heart rate belt-like strap that can be attached to your chest, or by sensors in the hand grip. To burn more calories, calculate your target heart rate and keep your heart rate within the range. The heart rate sensor will adjust your treadmill according to your body's fitness level.

In order to burn calories, warm up yourself before increasing the speed to prevent muscle injuries. Slowly increase your incline percentage to 1%. The incline function works as an uphill training. Maintain the same speed and incline level that you are comfortable with before switching back to normal mode. The results will be more significant if you switch alternately between incline and normal mode several times throughout your session.

After completing your session, the treadmill's deck can be folded up to save up space. It is important to monitor your progress for every session so that you can adjust your workout to improve the results.

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Choosing the Right Stationary Bike Stand For You

As summer turns to fall and then fall hints winter, you may ponder where in your garage you'll store your precious bicycle. But that doesn't need to be the case. Today you have a wide range of stationary bike stands from which to choose.

A stationary bike stand, or as some people call them, stationary bike trainers, make it easy for you to ride your favorite bicycle in the comfort of your home regardless of the weather outside. Simply find enough space to position both the stand and your bicycle frame and you have a full winter's worth of cycling workouts available to you.

However, it seems like each year there are more and more options available to us. So which way do you go with your stationary bike stand? The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a bunch of practical questions.

Do you bicycle strictly for pleasure or is it your primary workout routine? When you workout, do you push yourself hard no matter what or do you instead aim for a specific calorie burn? Are you a competitive cyclist looking to improve your strength and balance or are you a casual cyclist looking to stay in shape?

If you're a very casual cyclist, a simple bike stand may be all you need. This won't provide much resistance or much of a workout, but it will allow you to quickly and easily setup your bicycle indoors and use it when you wish. But if you want either a more realistic bicycling experience indoors or you want to get a more invigorating workout, you'll need either a stationary bike trainer or bike rollers.

Bike trainers provide you a wide range of resistance levels and resistance styles. You can select a simple air resistance trainer which increases as you increase your pedaling speed, you can go for the most popular trainer with varying magnetic resistance, or you can go for expensive and flexible with the fluid resistance bicycle trainer.

If improving your cycling skills and balance is a priority, you can go for stationary bike stand rollers. These rollers give you the most natural pedaling feel but require excellent and constant balance. You literally place your bike wheels on rollers in the front and back, and most rollers give you considerable room to move left and right. They're safe because you have no forward momentum, but I still recommend using them where you have nearby walls or a door frame to catch you if you wall sideways.

Learn everything you must know to find the right stationary bike stand for the best possible price with my comprehensive bike trainer guide: Stationary Bike Stand

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can Your Elliptical Machine Or Stationary Bike Reduce Your Injury Risk?

We all know how important exercise is for healthy and longevity, we are reminded of it constantly. Exercise can do so many positive things for us, it can help keep our weight in check, help reduce stress, help us sleep better, help us become stronger and simply help us feel better overall. Many people feel younger when they exercise regularly and that in itself is a wonderful feeling as we age.

As if there aren't already enough reasons to encourage us to keep up with our exercise routines I feel like I learn about even more good reasons on a regular basis. In some cases though the benefit is from specific exercises or workouts. The most recent study I read talked specifically about knee strength.

The Importance Of Knee Strength

In this study researchers looked at people who were 70 and older and found that those who had strong knees and a strong hand grip had a lower risk of being hospitalized. Yo may wonder what they mean by strong knees. When they refer to strong knees they mean the muscles that support the knees. The study noted that the seniors who had strong knee support muscles dropped their risk of hospitalization by 70 percent. Wow! Having a good hand grip cut the risk by over 50 percent.

Don't worry, they weren't studying bodybuilding seniors. Muscle size isn't the most important factor; the most important factor is muscle strength. When the muscles supporting your knees are strong you have a much lower risk of falling and becoming injured. Weaker muscles increase the risk of falls and potentially fractures increasing hospital time.

Elliptical Machine Or Stationary Bike For Strength

Both the elliptical machine and a stationary bike will help strengthen these muscles that support the knee when used regularly. The nice thing is that both the stationary bike and elliptical machine provide low impact workouts that are easy on the joints so they are good options for seniors.

If you have the room in your home and you have the budget for an exercise machine it really is a good idea to have one of these. Working out at home is convenient and for many convenience is essential to keep the routine regular. Elliptical machines provide a full body workout, but if you prefer a stationary bike you could get a set of dumbbells to easily add an upper body workout.

While the study mentioned here refers to seniors, having muscle strength can help reduce falls and injury in any age.

Finding the Right exercise machine can be intimidating. To compare a variety of ellipticals in one easy place visit our Elliptical Machine Guide to see if this is the right choice for you. Or visit Stationary Bikes for comprehensive information on this low impact form of exercise.

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Sidi Cycling Shoes

For over 50 years, some manufacturers have made quality sports shoes. This dedication to creating the finest products combined with a adoration of cycling has pointed out the importance of good cycling shoes.

When you purchase a cycling shoe, you cannot underestimate how valuable this piece of equipment is. Think about it: Whether you are training or racing, you cannot afford to be in any form of discomfort. You need shoes that will help you endure the journey. Your shoes should ensure your peak performance. They have to be comfortable and they have to be robust. You are in it for the long haul; you ought to expect nothing less of your footwear. You can not be the preference of the professionals without being cutting edge.

Of course, any biker who is serious enough to purchase top quality equipment is serious enough to wish for the proper shoe. There are a variety of cycling shoes cover the needs of various enthusiasts. Whether you are doing road work, mountains, or a triathlon; whether you are going in adverse weather or keeping it indoors and spinning, There is a shoe for you.

The best top end shoes are made of a carbon composite material for lightweight and durability. But each cycling shoe is made to a high standard that includes top resources, a sturdy sole, proper support, and a comfortable heel. On a 100 mile journey, you will be thanking yourself for buying the finest shoes. Any weakness in your bike our your gear will be turn out to be evident. As you work your way up the merchandise line, you will be amazed at the attention to detail. It is this attention to detail that will pay off on those lengthy training runs or in competition.

So when you think of cycling shoes, don't think of something purely to cover your feet. Don't even think of these shoes like you would a running or tennis shoe. You ought to be thinking of this shoe the same way that you think in relation to your cycle. This will be the difference between keeping with your cycle buddies and falling behind. This will be the difference between setting a new personal distance record and packing it in prematurely. This will be the difference between winning and losing. Your competition has the best, shouldn't you?

They are well worth a look if you are wanting the BEST

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why the Sole F80 Treadmill is Right For Me

I am a person who is very health conscious. One of the things that I do to stay fit is to jog every afternoon in the park. But due to bad weather condition, I cannot do my exercise activity outdoors all the time. I looked for fitness equipment which I can conveniently use it inside my house. I found this Sole F80 Treadmill.

It is a cheap treadmill that was reasonably priced for me to purchase. Although it is cheap, it has a high quality and it is just performing well for me. It is user friendly equipment which comprises of 6 workout programs which helps me to perform different kinds of exercises. It also has 2 heart rate programs that help my heart stay healthy. The equipment has also a two defined program that could be a great help for my own health. The LED display allows me to track my speed, incline, time. It also allows me to determine the distance travel that I could attain, know my calories, pulse and my pace. It also has a built in cooling fans which make me stay cool while doing my exercise activity.

It is a cheap treadmill that has a digital track that allows me to follow a graph that corresponds to my program while I run or jog on it. The F80m Treadmill has a strong 3.0 horsepower that allows me to have continuous exercise activities with its nonstop duty motor. I can speed it up to 12 miles per hour and I can incline its surface up to 15 percent. The F8o's Cushion Flex Whisper Deck protects my joints from its excessive pounding and I can easily reduce its impact up to 40 percent. It has a large stop switch for my own safety. In case that my heart beat is beating at a very abnormal pace due to rigid exercise; I can easily stop its switch. It has a low profile running hood and a wireless chest strap that monitors that measures my heart rate. It has a capacity of 335 ponds which is just perfect for my own use.

This innovative fitness equipment is really designed for fitness conscious like me. The convenience that it gives me exceeded the price that I paid for it. I am glad that I found this cheap treadmill because it perfectly meets my needs for a fitness device! Aside from the health benefits it also offers an extensive warranty such as lifetime on the motor, deck and frame. Five years warranty on the electronics, belt and rollers and two years on the labor. This is really a very fantastic cheap treadmill!

Chris Puetz is writing product reviews for several years. Check out the Media Management Software as an example for reviews. If you are looking for Kids Storage Bins, he has written reviews as well.

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Ab Circle Review - 3 Things I Like About It

Ab Circle Reviews are mixed and it's obvious that while some people like this machine, others have been greatly disappointed by it. I too have a mixed opinion regarding the Ab Circle Pro. But in this article I want to talk about some of the things which I like about it.

Of course, some of this is just my own opinion, but a lot of what I think is shared by many other people who have used the Ab Circle, whether they liked it as a whole or not.

What I like about the Ab Circle Pro:

1. It's lightweight and portable so it's easy to carry and store in your home which is an important thing when you're considering any exercise machine.

2. It works both the abs and the lower body. I like that in an exercise machine. I want to be able to workout more than a single body part. It makes it more worthwhile having.

3. It's not difficult to use. A lot of ab machines are so hard to use that a beginner can't really get anywhere in them.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that are good about the Ab Circle Pro. If you feel that this machine can help you workout more because it will be a reminding presence in your mind, then it may be worth to get it.

However, don't think that you can achieve the kind of results by working out with the Ab Circle alone. You will still need to do other workouts and to follow a sensible diet to burn the most body fat and get flat abs.

Visit Does Ab Circle Pro Work to see how this machine really works. Go to Ab Circle Pro Reviews to read more about what people say about this diet plan.

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter.

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The Best Kid's Fitness Equipment

With the recent technological advancements in home computers, televisions, stereos, and video games, kids are spending less and less time outdoors. Therefore, many of our kids are not getting enough exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Many parents have turned to buying kid's fitness equipment so that they can workout in the house. Which kid's fitness equipment machine is best?

Most experts in both the medical field and the fitness industry agree that it is the treadmill. Below is a list of the reasons why a treadmill best suits a child's needs.

1) Just as there have been a lot of technological advances in computers and video games, there have also been many in treadmills. Despite the fact that these at home fitness machines have been around for decades, they have come so far in so many ways, that they remain the top selling workout machines today. The features now being put into treadmills include built in stereos, tv's and dvd players. These features best appeal to a child's interest and can help to hold their attention as they exercise.

2) Out of all kid's fitness machines, treadmills offer the best pre designed workouts. These workouts give kids a goal to work toward and offer them a sense of accomplishment as they reach these goals and move on to new ones. Just like completing or conquering a video game, conquering a workout challenge excites children and serves as motivation.

3) The low impact nature of exercising on a treadmill ensure safety for your child. Also, it helps to ensure that kids don't experience any problems with their joints.

4) Treadmills offer strictly cardiovascular exercise and don't include any type of weight training. There are many reasons why children should not exercise to build muscle and working out on a treadmill is perfect exercise, with no weight training.

Finding a treadmill for the lowest price possible is not hard to do if you know where to look. Check out Treadmills For Sale for tips and information on how to find the best deals.

For elliptical machines, check out the Elliptical Exercise Equipment Buyer's Guide.

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