Friday, October 16, 2009

Choosing the Right Stationary Bike Stand For You

As summer turns to fall and then fall hints winter, you may ponder where in your garage you'll store your precious bicycle. But that doesn't need to be the case. Today you have a wide range of stationary bike stands from which to choose.

A stationary bike stand, or as some people call them, stationary bike trainers, make it easy for you to ride your favorite bicycle in the comfort of your home regardless of the weather outside. Simply find enough space to position both the stand and your bicycle frame and you have a full winter's worth of cycling workouts available to you.

However, it seems like each year there are more and more options available to us. So which way do you go with your stationary bike stand? The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a bunch of practical questions.

Do you bicycle strictly for pleasure or is it your primary workout routine? When you workout, do you push yourself hard no matter what or do you instead aim for a specific calorie burn? Are you a competitive cyclist looking to improve your strength and balance or are you a casual cyclist looking to stay in shape?

If you're a very casual cyclist, a simple bike stand may be all you need. This won't provide much resistance or much of a workout, but it will allow you to quickly and easily setup your bicycle indoors and use it when you wish. But if you want either a more realistic bicycling experience indoors or you want to get a more invigorating workout, you'll need either a stationary bike trainer or bike rollers.

Bike trainers provide you a wide range of resistance levels and resistance styles. You can select a simple air resistance trainer which increases as you increase your pedaling speed, you can go for the most popular trainer with varying magnetic resistance, or you can go for expensive and flexible with the fluid resistance bicycle trainer.

If improving your cycling skills and balance is a priority, you can go for stationary bike stand rollers. These rollers give you the most natural pedaling feel but require excellent and constant balance. You literally place your bike wheels on rollers in the front and back, and most rollers give you considerable room to move left and right. They're safe because you have no forward momentum, but I still recommend using them where you have nearby walls or a door frame to catch you if you wall sideways.

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