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Treadmill Buying: 5 Most Important Criteria For Treadmill Comparison

Comparing treadmills is not an easy job as there is a great number to choose from. Some look very smart, others work very well, while there are a few that are a rare combination of style and performance. And then there is the affordability question. Not everyone can afford the treadmill s/he fancies.

And all this buying treadmill-talk boils down to “having the best one, one could have within one’s financial bracket.” The difficulty throughout is to decide the criteria on which to judge the treadmills. That could be a real task. I have identified 5 most important criteria to home in a good treadmill. Here is the list:

1. Cushioning
By cushioning we mean the capacity of the treadmill to absorb the pounding that you would give it during your workout. The belt and the deck of the treadmill must be tough and sturdy. The stronger the two, the better is the treadmill.

2. Stability
Stability is another important factor to be considered. One must consider how smooth the ride is. It should not be a jiggle or wobble, but must stand firm.

3. Accuracy
A treadmill must also be judged with respect to the accuracy of the actual distance covered. The more accurate the reading, the better is the machine.

4. Noise Factor
Next comes the noise factor. A treadmill should be the least noisy one. It should work soundlessly under your feet.

5. Warranty
The above list cannot be completed without adding the warranty factor. You need to take note of the warranty, machine is coming with. One should also consider the after-sales services in order to ensure that if something goes wrong with the machine, it is taken care of promptly and conveniently at home itself. Choose the machine manufactured by a company that has a help line to contact in case of trouble with the treadmill. Also, find out if the machine comes with a warranty covering the parts of the machine, especially the motor, which happens to be the most expensive part.

Once you have made comparisons on the basis of the criteria mentioned above, you would surely choose the best treadmill in the market. That too, within your budget!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your Guide On High Blood Pressure Diagnosis

As a person ages, he tends to fall in the trap of certain diseases and disorders. The most common of all the disorders is high blood pressure or hypertension. High blood pressure or hypertension is termed as a lifestyle disease, meaning the unhealthy lifestyles are the biggest culprit for this disease.

Changing lifestyle patterns and increasing stress and tension in everyday life has brought down the normal life expectancy rate of a man. So, it becomes very important for everyone- be it a 30+ or 50+ lot- to diagnose the level of blood pressure regularly. The periodic blood pressure readings help you administer your health condition well on time and avoid further degeneration of your body.

Herein, you should know that just a single reading of your blood pressure won’t help you in diagnosing your high blood pressure problem correctly. A minimum of three readings, a day is important to diagnose the extent of your high blood pressure suffering.

Besides this, there are several other ways by which you can diagnose your hypertension. The record of your family history is one of the best ways of diagnosing high blood pressure. A person’s family history provides crucial clues. A whole physical examination of the patient’s body can also be an evidential support for diagnosing hypertension and the related disorders.

Apart from them, there are several tests that are a sure shot method to diagnose the presence of high blood pressure. One of the most commonly done tests includes Electrocardiogram or ECG. ECG includes a plethora of tests. They are insulin test, urine test, blood cell count, cholesterol test, blood composition test and lipoprotein test.

If your hypertension problem is more severe, then you need to undergo a much higher level of diagnosis. In such cases the most common test that is performed is Renal scintigraphy. Coupled with it, the Ambulatory blood pressure is also monitored in the patient.

At times, acute high blood pressure can instigate chest pain in the patient. So the best way to diagnose the effect that high blood pressure is causing on the chest is through x-ray.

There is set of other less conventional tests as well which can be followed while diagnosing high blood pressure and the related problems. You can get these tests done with the help of a naturopathic physician. The name of some of these test are urine testing, test for levels of stress hormones (adrenal) in the body, test for allergies and sensitivities with WBC count.

All these tests done on time can save you from the more aggravated effects of high blood pressure.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Treadmill Buying: How To Read Treadmill Reviews And Compare Treadmills?

Any number of treadmill comparisons can be found on the Internet and elsewhere, but none of them can really be of much help if you wish to depend upon them to pick your next treadmill or the first one. For, you have to depend upon your own comparison to ensure that you get a machine that is best suited to your purpose and does not compel you to expand your budget even a small bit.

By saying this, I do not intend that there are no good treadmill reviews or consumer reports available. There certain are, but you still have to make your own comparisons because your requirements are your own and it is only you who could decide whether or not a treadmill can be a part of the health scheme you have designed for yourself.

The first thing that needs to be considered is the motor of the treadmill. A treadmill is as good as its motor. This is the heart of the treadmill and also its soul. Consider it very carefully because it is not only the most important part but also the most expensive part of a treadmill.

You need to compare the size and quality of the motor in a treadmill. Once you are satisfied with it, compare the power it could generate. Find out how much of horsepower could the motor supply at peak duty as well as at continuous duty. Peak duty means the maximum power generated by the machine for a short duration of time while continuous horsepower means the amount of power the machine can consistently manage.

While buying a treadmill you should consider the continuous duty instead of the peak duty. If you want to use the machine for running, it is around 2.0 HP to 2.5 HP of continuous duty that you would need. But if you just want to have walk, around 1.0 HP to 1.5 HP should be sufficient.

After the motor, it is the speed that you must consider. A speed of around 10 miles per hour is enough for seasoned athletes. Running surface is also an important aspect of a treadmill, and you decide on this according to your height and overall physical structure. Do not compromise on the running surface because nothing is more bothersome than “not having enough space to run.”

Also consider the incline facility in a treadmill. This feature is there to make your walk or run harder by elevating the surface because one cannot run faster than a certain speed. The only way out is to elevate the surface. Consider how smoothly the elevation of the surface takes place. Most of the machines that come with this facility provide ample incline.

Last comes, the control panel. Now, this part can provide you the feedback regarding the number of calories burnt; the speed at which you ran and the distance you covered. These are not indispensable part of the machine and should be given at least the little importance. A carefully purchased treadmill would be a part of your exercise regimen for a very long time. So, make a wise decision after considering all the aspects.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Identify Symptoms Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder is not an easy disorder to diagnose because most of the time it passes as light depression. However, if it is left untreated for a long duration, the possibility of its getting worse cannot be overruled. It may start off slow with the person feeling a little low during certain seasons but may grow gradually into a disabling disorder affecting one’s normal life to a very large extent. It can throw one’s life out of gear.

Generally, those suffering from this disorder feel that what they are feeling is nothing more than helplessness of a temporary kind. Then, gradually it gets serious and the season starts making them increasingly depressed. It is only when the problem becomes unmanageable that the experts are approached.

Many of the studies on the subject have shown that one out of every ten of us has suffered from the disorder in some form though it cannot be considered a disorder because it occurred once in a while. It becomes a disorder only when it starts affecting a person regularly and its impact disrupts one’s normal life.

The disorder is indicated by extreme sluggishness. So much so that people tend to sleep for more than 10 hours everyday, and even after that feel tired on getting up. It is true that the disorder can cause depression, but it is equally true that it might also be a contributing factor. Studies have shown that those who are suffering from depression of some kind are more susceptible to the disorder. The studies connect the disorder to lower exposure to the sun because a lack of sun makes the body to produce lesser amount of vitamin D, which can be a cause of the disorder.

The disorder is found to affect people of all ages but is not found in young children and tends to dig its claws on women of above 35.

If there are symptoms indicating Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is advisable that you seek expert assistance immediately because it can sometimes be cured simply by a making a little alteration in one’s diet. The treatment for the disorder is relatively easy and quite effective. So, there is no point in continuing to suffer from it.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Online Guide On Treadmill Belt Lubrication

Everything needs maintenance and care to sustain. Maintenance holds importance in our daily life. Just like you take care of your body on a regular basis, it is important to take care of the exercising equipments that you have in your home. The maintenance will not only increase their life but you will also be able to enjoy their fitness benefits for long.

Treadmills have become an important part of the fitness regime in many of the households. If you are also a proud owner of a tread machine, you must own a good maintenance plan. A general treadmill care regime includes cleaning and lubricating. Of them, lubrication forms the most important job.

With time and regular usage, dirt accumulates in the parts of a machine. This accumulation reduces the efficiency of the machine. Besides this, heavy usage increases the friction in the parts of a treadmill. And this friction, if uncontrolled, leads to the wear and tear of the belt. Therefore, treadmill belt needs regular and proper lubrication. Proper cleaning and lubrication reduces the over all degeneration of the treadmill belt and other parts and makes it life-long running.

A treadmill belt predominantly revolves around the rollers and the deck of the treadmill. This movement creates friction and also produces heat. When you use the belt, while running or walking, the wear and tear increases further.

There is one important point to note here. Not all the treadmill belts require lubrication. There are treadmills that have an in-built lubrication system in them. These treadmills are known as ‘self-lubricating’ treadmills. But there are still others, which need external lubrication.

The next important thing in the line is to have information about the types of treadmill lubrications that are available in the market. Plus, you should also know which will suit your machine the best.

The lubricants that you will find in the market are generally made up of two materials- wax or silicon. They are made from a non-petroleum base.

The best advice on the type of lubricant to use is offered by the treadmill manufacturer at the time of purchase. This treadmill manual or guide will feature all the information about the types of lubricant that you can use on your machine.

It is very important to use the most suitable lubricant as any wrong pick can degrade the working of the belt, and over all machine. Similarly, excessive lubrication is also not good.

Maintenance kits for your treadmills are easily available on any good online store and retail sports outlets. So, make sure that you are lubricating your treadmill properly.

And finally a word about the frequency of lubrication. For walkers, lubrication is required once every year and for the serious runners twice a year.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Treadmill Reviews: Epic T60- A Walker’s Treadmill

There are many treadmills in the market today. So it becomes difficult sometimes to make a good choice according to your needs. The best way however is to consult treadmill reviews. You can read both customer reviews as well as expert reviews. They are generally unbiased and help you make the right choice.

Today, I will discuss Epic T60 with you. This is a good pick for the walkers. My rating is 4/5. Here, goes the other details:

Epic T60 is rightly called as a machine with new limits, on the wheels of economy. Once you purchase this, you will have everything at your disposal- a strong built-up body, all necessary features and workout programs with a good amount of warranty time period. With an impeccable treadmill design, you will get all the workout comfort that you might be looking for in your treadmill machine.

This T60 model by Epic is predominantly an equipment which is best-suited to your home gym. It is light-weighted and needs less space to accommodate itself. It comes with state-of-the-art cushioned platforms that are adjustable in nature. Besides this, the surface is large enough for giving you a comfortable running or walking. The machine is capable of supporting 350 pounds of total body weight.

The most important part of any treadmill is the quality of its motor. The machine features a powerful and durable motor that can support both types of running: light and intense. The machine also provides you a general sports training feature, with the contemporary treadmill workouts. And not to forget, for your comfort the machine also features power inclination. So you can adjust the inclination, whenever you want, according to your needs.

Epic T60 comes to you with readout displays that help you to keep tab on the total time of your exercising, calories burnt while exercising, the speed and the total distance. The machine also has a pulse sensor grip that helps you to measure your pulse during the workout session. Besides this, another add-on feature that this treadmill machine carries is the presence of certain feedback displays.

The T60 model by Epic has pre-programmed workout programs installed on it. All these programs are customized. They flaunt the latest technology, which is known as iFit. iFit is one of the most developed interactive workout technology that is available in the sports industry today. iFit is user friendly and acts like a remote control of your machine.

Working of iFit is very simple. Sample this. The chest sensor, which is an option available on the T60 machine, can be controlled with the iFit technology. This will be done in accordance to your heart rate that will be displayed on the heart rate reader. The iFit technology will, like a trainer, provide you with guidance of a good workout program.

And to add on to this, this is without doubt a folding treadmill. The motor of the machine comes with a warranty of four years. All these things make Epic T60 treadmill a good buy for your fitness.

The Model T60 comes for $800 and thus provides true value to your money. But there are some downsides to this purchase as well. Some users are not satisfied with the quality of its parts. Perhaps that is the reason for its limited warranty.

Furthermore, this is a walking treadmill. For all joggers or runners, it is not the pick. They need to spend some where above $1,300.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Treatment Facts: Know Your Acne Type

Acne is a chronic skin disorder that affects nearly 80 % of the world's population. Nearly every second person on this earth has confronted with acne at some or the other time. Still, treating acne is something very hard for many of us.

Have you ever pondered over why it is so? Why treating acne has been such a task for us? The answer to these questions is one: Our lacking knowledge on what is acne and how to treat it. To treat acne successfully we need to know about various facts about acne and its types. Different types of acne are treated differently, so here goes your guide on facts and types of acne.

Fact #1

When over activity of sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) in our skin, produces excess oil or sebum, and meets with the acne producing bacteria and hair follicles, a right shelter for acne is created.

This skin activity can happen on any of your body parts thus you find acne on your face, neck, back and arms also. The other names of acne are pimples and zits.

Fact #2

You can get acne at different stages of your life, but mostly in the teen age. However acne in adults and infants is also not uncommon.

Fact #3

Your acne could be inflammatory or non inflammatory. That is they may or may not be painful. But they are always embarrassing. They not only alter your physical appearance but can profoundly affect your mental state as well. They can change your outlook towards life and bring in loss of confidence and negativity.

Thus acne requires immediate medical attention. But before going for treatment, you should have proper knowledge about your acne type. Your treatment will depend a lot on the type of acne you have.

Following are the types of mild and moderate acne:

- Whiteheads: When oil or sebum gets trapped in a pore, white appearances might result on the surface of the skin, these are known as whiteheads.

- Blackheads: Here, the oil or sebum is partially blocked, so the oil can slip through. The black color is due to the pigmentation of the skin and not because of any dirt. Among the two, blackheads are quite stubborn and take time to clear off.

- Papules: They are the tender headless bumps.

- Pustules: These are the inflamed whiteheads with a red surrounding and white or yellow nucleus.

Now, let us move towards the severe type of acne, they are the nodules and cysts. They are often painful and can produce scarring as well:

Nodules: Nodules are larger bumps and can cause scarring and pain. It is strictly advised not to pierce a nodule as it can severely damage your skin. Also, it takes some time to heal up.

Cysts: All the features of cysts are similar to those of nodules except for the fact that they are a little larger in size and often have pus in them.

You can treat mild acne at home, or with the help of over the counter medications but for severe acne, always meet a dermatologist. The severe acne condition can worsen further if not dealt with correctly. It is also advisable to take prescribed course of medication for mild acne as well.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Putting Hand On A Refurbished Treadmills: Just The Right Deal

Refurbished goods are doing pretty well in the sales market. As prices of some of the commodities still remain high, and out of reach for many of the consumers, people tend to flow towards the second hand or refurbished stuff.

The latest boom in the refurbished market can be seen in the field of fitness products. Amongst them, treadmills are the ones that have caught the maximum attention with the consumers and the manufacturers.

Despite a huge flush in the market, treadmills still come quite heavy on the average buyer’s pocket. So many of the willing buyers of treadmills either refrain from buying one or opt for second-hand or refurbished models. Besides this, there is another reason because of which people prefer putting hands on a refurbished treadmill. Some people are very skeptical about the mode of exercises that they would follow. So, they are of the view that before spending their precious few bucks on a treadmill, it is better to try hands on a refurbished model.

A refurbished treadmill is generally the one which has been used for some time and then returned to the manufacturer due to occurrence of a defect or for as petty a reason as the consumer was not satisfied with the machine and was looking for an upgraded model. Refurbished treadmills can be of two types. They can be factory refurbished treadmills or manufactured refurbished treadmills.

The process of refurbishing a treadmill generally includes the reassembling or replacing, rebuilding the worn-out or the broken parts of the machine. All the inefficient and the broken parts of the machine are replaced and treadmill is given a new shape and form. The refurbished treadmill is then sent out to the original manufacturing outlets or retail shops where they are sold out.

Refurbished models have an edge over the brand new models as you can get a good treadmill with the state-of-the-art features at cheap and affordable prices. Another good thing about refurbished treadmill is that they are better than the second hand models in the long term. With second hand models, you will never get a brand new motor or a new belt.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you have set your mind on a refurbished treadmill. The most important thing is the age of the treadmill that you intend to buy. The next important thing that follows is the name of the manufacturer. Last but not the least, the warranty of the model is also very important. Remember to opt for those models that are refurbished by some qualified industrial technicians.

Keep all these things in mind and the best refurbished treadmill deal is not away from you.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Performance Based Body Composition - Part 6

Rock Frigging Bottom! Enough already! It was time for a change.

I had succeeded in going full circle to polar opposites. In the blink of an eye I took myself from a miserable fat slob, to on top of the world in mind and body, to withered away in body, mind, and spirit. Equally or even more so miserable as I was in my initial starting state.

At this point I had no further down to go. I had ran myself to the ground. Life was not being lived, but existed in. My health was shot. I questioned any and everything I did, or worse, of was pondering doing. The only thing I was good at was making myself Hurt. Inflicting self pain and deprivation. Much the same as the confidence built from my initial transformation and positive/athletic and bleed into the rest of my life. The hurt, the pain, the doubt and deprivation bleed into all aspects of my life from simple stupid dietary and nutritional choices. Its like a Bad drug, you just get sucked in and soon it takes on all your being. Your only worth and mission in life, the only thing you know how to do is make yourself feel further pain expecting the pain to bring you joy. it's a sad disgusting state and a VERY HARD one to kick.

Ironically, During much of this I was preaching to others what I wouldn't allow myself. Due to my constant reading, research, and questioning of fitness and nutrition I had gained a position of helping and aiding other people in their mission to reach their fitness goals in an intelligent manner. Helping them accept themselves. Make wise choice. Confident choices. Pick their goals. Live an athletic lifestyle. HA J It's likely the best thing that's happened to me. Helping and learning from those I helped. Listening to what I knew and was telling others but not implementing in my own life. It took a while but it was finally a smack in the face. To admit and see yourself in those you help who have problems is a tough but powerful thing to do.

No regrets. Only live, learn, and move the hell on. I learned, and continue to learn my lessons. I've hit highs, and I've hit rock bottom, and I've learned from each and every step and that's what we got to do. There are two things we can take from any situation; memories and knowledge. That's what it took to get me out of the hole, and to stay out of that's hole for GOOD.



Above all take home the importance that action has in reaching any goal in life, be it physical, mental, or professional. Not a damn thing is going to happen unless you Act.

That's what the whole of my first transformation was. I was blind. I had No clue what he hell I was doing but I did it. What happened? It worked. I made killer progress. I kept it simple, basic, and effective. I did what I had to do and did it every day. I learned as I went and fed off of the progress and through out what didn't.

Why did I falter? Reaction took over for action. I was no longer leading myself where I wanted to be, I was reacting to where I thought I should be. I was over thinking. I was in paralysis from over analysis. I was spending all my time questioning and reacting to things I felt, read, or contemplated; instead of taking a stand and acting.

Reading, learning, thinking, and reacting are good, but they at very least need come shortly preceding to action, or even follow action. How does one learn in life? Largely from ones actions. From ones mistakes. From falling down, picking yourself up, and saying "Damn" I aint going to do that again." Your actions in life follow reactions from lessons learned in life.

Read and learn. Take every chance and opportunity to make yourself more knowledgeable. But, if you ever start to reach a point of saturation, As I did, where all the incoming message are starting to cloud and slow your actions. Shut it off. No more reading or learning. Its time to just act. You have more then enough to shift through. Its time for nothing but action. Take a stand or you'll be stuck in a spiral of constant questioning and wheel spinning.

If a tennis player reacts to a serve its to late, they lost the point. If they continue to think they lost the match. They've done there thinking prior. They get on the court and use those lesson and act.

Fun and Confidence.

These come in second just due to the fact you cant have either truly if your in a constant state of reaction. Other then that they are top dog and the truly beautiful thing is they breed one another. Meaning the minute you are confident or have real fun its all that much easier to have more of it. Take every chance you have to have fun. If something is Fun, Do it again. Build on that. Build on that and confidence will follow and a life of fun and confidence is a beautiful thing. Anything is then possible.

In the same turn the opposite is true and almost more so. If something SUCK, truly in not quality times STOP IT. Don't do it again. It does the same thing and has the same power. It sucks you in. The more you live in a state of misery, deprivation and depression the worse it will get. Sadly, for some reason people seem to repeat this much more the former. We have some odd attraction to pain. Exercisers, they jump on a treadmill or a machine and say man that really sucked. That hurt. That sucked. But, if I keep doing it some day its not going to suck.

What the hell are we thinking?? If I keep doing something that really, really sucks. Something I hate. I bet I can get to a point where its tolerable. It wont suck so much. It wont be enjoyable, but it will no longer suck. Man when I get there. That'll be the day. Then guess what? I can search for something else that really sucks, and try and make it not suck so bad.

Get off the suck mobile. Have fun and don't feel bad about it. It should be fun. Life's not supposed to suck. Were not supposed to go through life facing things we hate. Find what you love and do it and be happy about it. If you like jogging, god help us, by all means run like the wind my brother. You'll excel at it for the simple fact you like what your doing and your confident in doing it.

That's it.

Stop the deprivation. Stop the struggle. Stop kicking you own ass, and start kicking some ass. Become an athlete. We all have the ability, and it can be applied to any goal. Being an athlete is a mind set. Its something we choose to be, not something we earn. Awards and accomplishments are what you get for first being an athlete, not the other way around.

Phillip Stevens, BFA, MFA;

Director of Operations, Staley Training Systems

About The Author

Phil, while attaining both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in studio art found another passion, that of training and nutrition. A constant student, his real-world under-the-barbell and behind-the-fork approach has led to many an opportunity, experience, and change in his life as well as those he has worked.

Phil currently, aside from his varied work with Team Staley, is a working and showing artist [] His current personal fitness goals are to become a competitive force as middleweight strongman competitor, while building upon his power lifting experience in which he has seen as high as a top ten national ranking; with a two year goal of obtaining an elite ranking as a 242 or 275lb weight class RAW power lifter.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

How To Use Blood Pressure Monitors Correctly?

A regular and appropriate check on one’s blood pressure is very important to keep a healthy state of the body. With age, blood pressure generally shows a little variation from its normal measurements. And people having frequent fluctuations between high and low blood pressure are required to have a constant tab on their blood pressure readings. With such people it is not even tangible to give a regular visit to a doctor. So the only solution that follows is to keep a blood pressure monitor handy at home.

Blood pressure monitors are generally available in two models: one is digital and the other is manual. Be it of any type they are composed of similar and basic components, which are a cuff and a gauge. A cuff is composed of an inner rubber layer with an outer nylon covering. The gauge on the other hand is either digital or aneroid that features the systolic and the diastolic readings of the blood pressure.

Whatever is the type of your blood pressure monitor, there is a set of rules and guidelines you need to follow and practice.

Know The Process
Before giving a reading to yourself or to others at home, you should know how to use the monitor accurately.

Always start your blood pressure measurement learning classes from a professional hand. Take the help of a nearby medical professional or a nurse for that matter. Understand the basics of the blood pressure measuring machine and the concept of blood pressure. You should be clear of the normal measurements of people belonging to different age groups. For instance, a man and a woman from the same age group will have different normal blood pressure measurements.

Put It Right
Always place the cuff on the right position on the arm to get an accurate reading. Generally a cuff is fastened on the left arm of the patient. The gauge should be kept straight, while measuring the pressure. The stethoscope should also be placed at a right position, a little under the fastened cuff on the left arm.

Certain Precautions
Besides, there are certain other things that you should keep in mind before measuring your blood pressure. Never take a reading after exercising. Instead take a reading before going out for a workout or early mornings. Also, for attaining an absolute correct blood pressure reading do not consume products rich in caffeine or nicotine. Also refrain from binging much on tobacco or alcohol before taking a blood pressure measurement. All these substances can increase your blood pressure to a slight higher level.

Maintain Right Posture
Always sit in a comfortable and erect position while measuring blood pressure. Do not place the cuff of the blood pressure monitor on the clothes that you are wearing but on the bare skin of your left arm.

Follow these simple guidelines while measuring blood pressure and you can keep a proper tab on it even while comfortably relaxing in your home.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Performance Based Body Composition - Part 5

Enough already with the broad explanation, what did I do to slip from the graces of the athletic mindset and awesome progress I had made? What caused me to derail and what can you look to avoid?

The American mentality and media slipped in. I took everything that worked to the extreme without weighing the consequence of my actions. If a little of this produced that physique, then a LOT and I'll be a Greek god. My simple yet successful diet, training, and lifestyle was no longer good enough for me and my goals. I had to overhaul it ALL.

Diet wise I was living on a VLCD in the range of 20 grams a day of carbohydrates including fiber, but, I didn't not restrict calories at all. I ate like a man beast. A typical breakfast may be a half pound of bacon and a dozen eggs and cheese. Lunch a full slab of pork ribs no sauce or a buffet where I could literally stuff my face with as much fat and protein as possible. Dinner and anything else was much the same. It worked, and worked damn well. It was easy to live by and to keep a great physique, energy, and health.Now that was simply no longer going to be adequate for my broad goals (looking good Naked). I had to go EXTREME.

Micromanagement and the evil food label.

Calories. "Awe" I said, that's what I need to do. I have to count calories. The labels have two different settings 2500 and 2000. Hm?? That 2500 setting must be for guys that are like "HUGE" Ill take the 2000. 2000 and I'll just get there quicker right? This info has to be accurate, its on a label from the FDA. So I'll couple the 2000 calorie limit with the VLCD and I'll get ripped.

FAT. The label also has fat very limited and I remember from school and the media that one should limit fat intake at all costs. Ill also drop that fat intake WAY down, as low as I can. The label say less then 65, so lower the better. We all know that fat will get ya fat.

Now I'm also going to break this eating into small pieces. No more three BIG meals and possible snacks if I need them. I'm going to precisely time my meals, caloric intake, and the macro's.

Sweet the diet is set. Track calories at 2000 calories a day or under. Under 20 grams of carbs, including fiber. Minimize that fat intake to Nil. WOW!!!! And I also found the perfect food. It must have been made precisely for the god physique like I want. I mean look how much its touted in the media. SOY! 85+ % of my diet will be soy. Not whole soy, NO! too many carbs. Soy isolate and TVP, man its cheap too. Taste like hell but that's the price we pay.


Now training has to match this perfect diet. Sure I work heavy labor but I know tons of guy who do, some are sloppy and some are in good shape. None of them have the look I want. I want to be a lean, ripped, GOD. I got to double my efforts up, Or maybe triple them. I'll go from doing my circuit the mornings 3 days a week to 5 days maybe 6 if I feel the need on the weekend. Oh but that's not enough, that's only two extra sessions. Ill also do it twice a day, once first thing in the morning and once at night after work. I'm going to get HUGE!!!!

That isn't all. I have never been a runner, I have a hip that was shattered and replaced at the age of 7 and ankles that turn in and make me step on the outside of my foot. No excuses. No pain, no gain. I know how to ignore pain to get what I want. Don't be a pussy, just do it once you get going it wont be bad. I'm going to run for 30 minutes every morning to start prior to training and 30 minutes at night and then slowly ramp that up to an hour plus each time as I get better.

YES! Now were talking. 5 days of training 2 times a day and 5 days of running 2 times a day. Couple that with 2000 or less calories low fat, Very low carb, and soy based I'll be like cover model ready in no time.

Fast forward two months and, again I made a dramatic changes. I implemented all those crazy guidelines full bore. Any chance I could I deprived, I punished instead of rewarding. I could NEVER get lean enough. All I thought about was getting lean, not eating running myself to the ground, kicking my own ass with the weights. Screw the pain keep going. Every action in life was now not for enjoyment but for caloric loss, EVERYTHING in life had to be looked at with a fine tooth comb.

The weight again RIPPED off me like a hot knife through butter. I went from 215 to 165 in a few weeks. My clothes were falling off of me. I was loving it. My only sense of satisfaction now came from the pain and deprivation, but I was NEVER satisfied or happy with anything. There was no concrete accomplishment I could grasp along the way, no steps, no enjoyment in the process at all. Just a broad undefined ending point that I would never meet. No date, no real tangible goal. At all cost simply reaching to get "leaner." You could literally see veins on veins and the bones in my face. I had pains, but I was "HARD," I trained through it.

I could no longer sleep more then an hour or so at a time. I would waken frozen, or sweating, or just my head would not shut off. It was winter and my body had lost the ability to warm itself. I had always been a big guy, and was warm blooded like a furnace. I was now freezing even in warm weather. I would lose feeling in my extremities. I was losing hair, my teeth chipped easily, and my gum's had receded. I had somehow gained a lump behind my left nipple that was tender, and also had the killer urge to urinate almost constantly but then would painfully produce a shot glass worth of urine. What The Heck?!

Problems, my health. Who cares man, I was doing it. I was getting ripped. I was hating every bit of life. The only brief enjoyment I got was looking in the mirror which also quickly turned to a critique that would have me needing more deprivation and personal torture. Yeah, I felt like hell. I hated life but I was doing what few could, and I wasn't done yet.

I was determined to push on even though I knew something was wrong and people grew worried about me. I didn't care what anyone thought. I had no time for people. I had lost all interest in anything. I was emotionless just existing in life not living it. I went from a confident, outgoing, fun, and desired person; to a cold bastard, with No sex drive, no life drive, and zero passion or emotion for anything in life but ones self. Worse the only emotions that did creep in were of self hate, stress, grief and deprivation.

I went from being ignorant of training and nutrition to the quite the opposite. It ruled my existence, I was obsessed. I was reading and absorbing everything I could, mainly via the internet. I was taking tons of great, and worthless, information and stacking it one atop another. Never taking the time to really sort the cream from the crop, or give anything a fair run. Learning one thing, to have another dispute it. It was overwhelming, micromanaging, and reaching paralysis by analysis. My whole existence somehow only mattered on what my outward appearance was, and no mater what others thought it was NEVER good enough for me.

This was just about ROCK bottom. Amazingly I was also able to produce the work and applications to get myself a full ride to graduate school for my masters degree during this, but aside from that things just got worse. Further deprivation, eating disorders, more excessive training, and the never good enough negative outlook were now set in, and would escalate. Some of the mental aspects, and for sure the health problems, ail me to this day and are a constant thing I will face and BEAT down.

I hope for now, if nothing more, this installment will stand as an awakening or a warning to any one who may be traveling down a like road, even if not so extreme. A warning that the mental and the physical damage of such a negative, deprivation focused approach to life can be damming in the short and long term, both physical and mental. It's no way to approach training, diet, or life. In the next and last installment I will cover the way I have climbed my way out of the abyss, and some simple steps one can take if you are in stuck in the exerciser mindset.

Phillip Stevens, BFA, MFA;

Director of Operations, Staley Training Systems

About The Author

Phil, while attaining both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in studio art found another passion, that of training and nutrition. A constant student, his real-world under-the-barbell and behind-the-fork approach has led to many an opportunity, experience, and change in his life as well as those he has worked.

Phil currently, aside from his varied work with Team Staley, is a working and showing artist ([]). His current personal fitness goals are to become a competitive force as middleweight strongman competitor, while building upon his power lifting experience in which he has seen as high as a top ten national ranking; with a two year goal of obtaining an elite ranking as a 242 or 275lb weight class RAW power lifter.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Treadmill Training For Patients With Heart Problems

A healthy body will never be a house to diseases. And the only mantra to a healthy body is exercising and workouts. Following a good exercising regime not only helps you remain fit, but also opens life-long paths for a healthy survival.

In the category of exercising equipment, lately, treadmills have caught the attention of many of the fitness freaks. Especially, it has come as a savior to the people who suffer from one or the other form of heart disorders. People, afflicted with such disorders, find it uncomfortable to walk for long distances. Besides this, due to lack of adequate energy, they are also unable to perform the basic activities of daily life. Thus treadmill walking inculcates in them the stamina of better and long walking. All these things give them a healthy heart and thus a healthy life.

The concept of treadmill exercising for heart patients is very simple. Through treadmill walking, they are administered what is called the sports physiology training. Its implication is that the speed of the treadmill is manually administered. Thus under this concept, treadmill training is provided to the patient according to his capability and comfort. With this, the patient is also provided with the treatment that helps in stimulation of the neuro-muscles.

Besides this, there are several other benefits that are incurred on the health of a heart patient with the help of treadmill workout programs. Regular practice of treadmill exercising adds strength in the body of the cardio patient. There is also an increased co-ordination between the brain and the body parts, with an over-all improvement in the quality of living.

The series of treadmill workout programs for a heart patient are quite different from what is generally used for a normal human being. The workout programs are of low intensity, predominantly involving brisk walking on the machine. As the patient feels an improvement in his over-all heart condition and health, he can increase the magnitude of the treadmill walking and even shift to running at times.

But, here is a very important thing to note. Treadmill exercising should only be practiced under the guidance of a good medical practitioner and an experienced trainer. Only an effective guide will lead you to the way of a healthy body and comfortable living.

No disease or disorder is incurable in the world today. All you need to do is to follow a lifestyle that aids your treatment process.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Performance Based Body Composition Part 4

In the previous installments I discussed the broad athletic mind set needed to truly progress to ones goals in a successful and sane way. Followed with the further installments covering my first successful trip into this empowering mind set. In this part, I will document my downfall, the mistakes I made, and will hopefully allow you all to skip these, or to realize you, yourself are in the midst of such a downfall.

To recap, I had made a miraculous transition. I found the internal self drive needed, the clear simple steps to follow and steam rolled to dramatic changes through hard work that felt effortless and fun despite the hard work due to the my focus not on the end result, but the enjoyment of the daily actions, the way I felt, performed and in turn as a byproduct looked. All was merry in the world... I was walking round high on the collective Hog. Nothing could get me down and THEN...

Maybe it was the few negative things a that happened in my life at the time, more possibly it was having ridden out my clear goals for over a year and never setting a new one substantial tangible goal. What ever it was, I fell, and I fell hard. I got bitten by the drastic broad needless goal bug that is simply, I wanna get "ripped." A goal with no end in sight, no clear ending and no real steps, just a broad undefined end goal.

Lets get "ripped."

Yes I succeeded certainly, I got ripped. I went down from, if you remember, from an initial 300+lbs on a 6'1" frame to 215 and pretty jacked. Now I would go from that old pinnacle a down right gorgeous man beast to 165 lbs on the same large frame. I was now in the very low single digit fat percentiles.

The health and life problems hit. My body got to the point it wasn't able to heat itself. I sustained this low BF long enough to create now permanent health issues with various hormones out of kilter, receded gums, beat up knees, and joints. Not to mention the psychological damage to that man who had just months ago been fearless, doubtless, and could do anything. I was no in one fell swoop, half the man I was prior.

All this from simply slipping into an exercisers mind set.

Concentration on the pain and deprivation as opposed to there progress and positive. Picking at minutia instead of the big picture of simply being consistent at the basics.

I went from great progress, largely running blind and ignorant but on belief in myself and what I was doing, to turning the tables and contacting and reading everything I could to the point of not hobby, not fun, but a stressful obsession. I was picking the minutia and identifying to closely with the broad goal I wanted to reach instead of that of what it takes to reach said goals.

It can happen to the best of us at any time, and it does constantly. As an athlete you have to keep a constant eye out for the path of least resistance top try and slip in and derail you. You have to keep perspective on the progress and day and not the impending outcome. If you're too busy, focused on what you want to be you will never be or do what you have to today to reach that end game

In the next installment I will detail the mistakes I made, the problems they caused, and hopefully how you can avoid the same or make you way out of the abyss that is an exercises / pain based mind set.

Phillip Stevens, BFA, MFA;

Director of Operations, Staley Training Systems

About The Author

Phil, while attaining both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in studio art found another passion, that of training and nutrition. A constant student, his real-world under-the-barbell and behind-the-fork approach has led to many an opportunity, experience, and change in his life as well as those he has worked.

Phil currently, aside from his varied work with Team Staley, is a working and showing artist ([]). His current personal fitness goals are to become a competitive force as middleweight strongman competitor, while building upon his power lifting experience in which he has seen as high as a top ten national ranking; with a two year goal of obtaining an elite ranking as a 242 or 275lb weight class RAW power lifter.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Acne In Teen Age Boys And Grown Up Men

You think acne is teenager’s problem? Well, if you do think that way, it’s time you changed your perception for good because acne may be quite a nightmare to a teenager but can give you nearly as much trouble irrespective of how old you are.

Yes, it is true that women worry a great deal about acne while men do not. But that does not mean acne is women’s problem. It affects men every bit as much, if not more. Teenagers are always a vulnerable age group. But even if you are well past the acne-age, which is to say you are not a teenager any more but a grown up guy, you may still be an acne victim for a number of reasons.

If you are prone to acne, there are a few simple things that you can take care of to keep acne trouble at bay. One of them is washing your face twice or thrice everyday. You may use a mild cleanser for the purpose, but choose the one that is meant for your skin type. Such cleansers are made to keep a check on excess oil. However, if you already have acne, avoid rubbing them while washing because that could worsen the problem.

While shaving, use a good blade and a good quality shaving cream because it has been found that though shaving itself does not cause acne but use of bad quality blade or substandard shaving cream may become a contributing factor.

Another cause of acne is stress. Sometimes the teenagers get conscious of their looks and the presence of acne makes them feel low about themselves. Stress is a part of growing up. The teenagers are under pressure to perform well and make a life for themselves. Excessive stress causes acne, and acne problem causes stress, and this becomes a self-fuelling a process.

So, if you are a teenager boy, you need to keep yourself free of stress and pay attention to more important things. Acne problem would disappear automatically. Worrying too much about it would only make it worse.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Performance Based Body Composition - Part 3

In part 3 I will build on the initial mental and preparatory steps needed in gaining an athletic mindset to your body comp goals, as cover in Part 1 and part 2. Now its time for some practical application to the performance based approach to losing fat, "getting RIPPED," "Looking good Naked", or as athletes put it, "cutting weight", and why this positive approach is successful.

As I ended the last installment it's "Go time," I had done my thinking, done my planning, now it was time to shut up and get to work. No thinking, no over thinking, just "Get Er Done"

Disclaimer: The following is by now means a dietary or training recommendation. The important message to capture here is NOT the numbers, parameters, or approaches applied but how they were applied, the mind set and approach to them.

Don't waver, stick to it.

Long story short. I made changes from day 1 and stuck to it. I went low carbohydrate, (STRICT) I read the first chapter of the Adkins diet, the induction phase, and just stuck to it with whole foods no supplements, no fat loss agents, etc. I ate 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. Day in, day out, no cheating. I didn't count calories. I just kept carbohydrates low and let it rip. I swapped my beloved beer out for whiskey on the rocks. No, not optimal, but it for damn sure worked.

Id wake an hour early in the morning to train three times a week. This for me meant 3 am. I had to be on the job site by 5:30 and it was a 45 minute drive. Not to mention I had to go to full time college as well. Id get a small snack then hit the weights, while letting my breakfast cook.

I had bought a Weider power rack. It came with an Olympic bar, 300 lbs in weight, a training log and a little poster with exercises. I set those exercises up in a circuit and I'd run them NON stop until I had finished each one, then I would rest. I'm sure if I dug deep enough I could find my log but it was something along the lines of Bench, squat, Pull down (later chins), military press, leg curl, leg extension, Bent over row, abs and obliques. Give or take. Id hit that circuit three-four times, I cant recall, Then hit the shower. Dry off, dress, stuff my face with eggs, bacon, meats and cheese, grab my lunch and tool bags and hit the road.

Progress came, and came fast. I was shedding fat like my dog sheds fur in the spring. Each week fed the next. The results made me even more dedicated. Progress is what I was concentrating on. The little positive things. I got one more rep on those sets, I need new jeans again, I can do chins now, that gal just grabbed my butt. In under three months I went from 300+ blubbery lbs to a pretty damn shredded 215. I stayed there Happy as a peach living the same diet and basic training for nearly a year.

I was not limited in what I could achieve. I had zero doubt. I was focusing on the positive things and accepting the steps it took to get them. There were NO negatives I was giving up. There were simply things that did or did not fit in my world, for my goals. I did not miss, desire, or crave things I would not allow because I chose to not allow them. They were and are not evil they just weren't in my plan. I didn't have one cold beer, not one piece of cake, not one potato chip for over a year and I flat out didn't want one. I was happy as a Charles dog eatin' out of the cats litter box.

One battle at a time

My goal was, as they have to be, one sided with multiple steps leading toward that singular large goal. I wasn't looking to pack on a ton of lean mass and lose buckets of body fat at the same time. To tackle that one goal, and then think about the next one. A football team doesn't start thinking about the next season during the current one. Or an athlete the 2012 Games just prior to performing in the 2008 games, and neither should you. The minute you do, your DONE. You just crapped out on your goal. You lost. Pick your ONE battle and Take IT, GET IT. Give one goal your all and likely you'll knock down some other goals along the way. Once you get there and relish in your victory, then think about the next goal and the steps it requires. Don't try to drive your car on two streets, it's the fast road to know where.

I was focused not on what I was missing or giving up but on what I was gaining. It was a transformation of beauty, and I spilled confidence out of every pore. I wreaked of it. It bleed into every part of my life, and every person I met could feel and see my mindset. It's a beautiful thing to know your in control of you, nothing can touch you.

It was a hell of a transformation. I lost feet not inches, my cholesterol levels plummeted, mentally and physically I reached a pinnacle I could prior have never dreamed of, and set the stage for my further steps. I can and will do better. I reached the realization it wasn't hard once I was set to a goal, and had my steps in place. It was just action, and my first glimpse of what the athletic mind set can achieve.

Now sit down and pick your goals, your battle. Figure out the steps to them. Accept what your going to have to do, not give up. Put some things on the back burner. They aren't evil, they just DON'T fit your current goals. Then put those to action.

In the next installment, the downfall. Where, and how I fell out of graces and lost track of this mind set, and the havoc it caused.

Phillip Stevens, BFA, MFA;

Director of Operations, Staley Training Systems

About The Author

Phil, while attaining both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in studio art found another passion, that of training and nutrition. A constant student, his real-world under-the-barbell and behind-the-fork approach has led to many an opportunity, experience, and change in his life as well as those he has worked.

Phil currently, aside from his varied work with Team Staley, is a working and showing artist ([]) His current personal fitness goals are to become a competitive force as middleweight strongman competitor, while building upon his power lifting experience in which he has seen as high as a top ten national ranking; with a two year goal of obtaining an elite ranking as a 242 or 275lb weight class RAW power lifter.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Your Pillow Could Be The Reason For Your Back Pain

We all know the value of a good night's sleep because every single one of us has spent days when we could not concentrate on work the whole day simply because we could not sleep well at night.

The consequent irritability and lack of focus not only reduces one’s productivity to a considerable extent but also makes one displease a few people around. And we often find ourselves wondering as to what it was that made our sleep so unfulfilled. What could it be that prevented you from having a nice sleep despite your being dead tired when you got back home from work. The last thing that is likely to come to your mind is the pillow.

That little piece that we keep under our heads as we doze off never really comes across as so important. But it certainly is a sleep-maker or a sleep-spoiler depending upon how good a shape it is in. Not just that, it may also be a reason for the awful pain that you sometimes feel in your neck, shoulder and upper back.

The position of the spine while we are sleeping must be right; or else one could get up with a terrible backache. The reason could be a pillow that needs urgent replacement. Most of us fail to realize that over the time pillows tend to become unfit for a sound sleep. They tend to get lumpy or compressed, which makes them less supportive. So, if your pillow is showing the signs of aging, it is time for you to go pillow shopping.

While shopping for the pillow, make sure that you get the pillow of the right size and made of the right material. The pillow should neither be too soft, nor too hard. An excessively soft pillow may not support your head sufficiently well and adjust itself according to the position of your head, which might be a reason for pain in the neck and lower back later. Similarly, an overtly hard pillow may make you feel as though you had a stone underneath your head, which would obviously make your sleep far from comfortable.

Once you get the right pillow, it would help you keep the spine in the right place while you are asleep. And if your backache was the result of an old pillow, you would see the dramatic improvements.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Cheating to Win - Why You Should Take the Path of Least Resistance

Cheating is perhaps the most maligned and least appreciated tactic in the weight room. It's so important in fact, that I consider cheating to be the calling card of skilled lifters.

When we examine the three primary strength sports (weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman), it's clear that cheating is an absolute prerequisite for success. Of the three disciplines, I'd argue that weightlifters have elevated the art of cheating to a sweet science. In fact, during the performance of the two competitive events (the snatch and clean & jerk), lifters violate almost every dearly-held notion in the personal training industry:

- During the "catch" phase of both the snatch and clean, lifters allow their knees to drift significantly in front of the toes.

- During the support phase of the snatch and the jerk, lifters aggressively lock their elbow joints against heavy loads.

- Both the snatch and clean start with what amounts to an accelerative deadlift with a heavy weight.

Someone needs to teach her about Time Under Tension

- In training, weightlifters rarely if ever use spotters- if they get into trouble with a lift, they simply drop the barbell on the floor.

- Both weightlifting events, as well as most of the assistance exercises they use, employ the use of maximum speed against the bar.

- Rather than use common set/rep brackets such as 3x10, 5x8, etc., weightlifters typically use many sets of 1-3 reps per set. Additionally, weightlifters avoid "failure" like Brittney avoids panties.

Maybe if this Bulgarian lifter would do more than 2 reps per set, he'd finally develop some definition!

- Your weightlifting coach will never ask "How did that feeeel?" If your lift looked great, there's no need to ask how it felt. If it sucked, there's still no reason to ask.

- Weightlifters don't do "cardio." Try a clean & jerking a heavy triple and you'll find out why.

Well-chosen exercises eliminate the need for "cardio"

- Weightlifters don't lift in front of a mirror.

- Weightlifters, by definition, compete. Few weightlifting clubs will tolerate a lifter who won't lift in meets. At least, not for long

- Weightlifters squat deep. So deep in fact, that there is a competition rule that forbids the lifter from touching his/her butt to the floor at the bottom of a snatch or clean.

I'd say that's below parallel, wouldn't you?

- (Along the lines of the last point) weightlifters often round their low backs at the bottom of their squats. What's that? You can keep your arch when your butt's an inch from the floor? Send me the video.

Too bad he doesn't stretch- he can barely do a squat with 260 pounds overhead!

- Weightlifters hold their breath during long portions of most lifts. They never "inhale on the lowering phase" or "exhale on the lifting phase."

- Both the snatch and the jerk, as well as several assistance exercises for these two lifts) involve putting a barbell over your head.

Clearly, he's not aware of the dangers involved with overhead lifting

And finally...

- As a global point, weightlifters seek the easiest way to lift a weight, not the hardest way.

It's possible that I missed a few points, but I think my central point has been made. Now here's what's kinda interesting about all of this...

Most people who lift for the sake of improving their appearance typically try to avoid every one of these maneuvers. Yet, not only do weightlifters violate all of these sacred cows, they actually get better aesthetic results than their "exerciser" counterparts do, despite the fact that they don't really lift for aesthetic purposes!

Recently I noticed a question on an internet forum from a 24-year old man who wanted to look like a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, in less than one year, starting from scratch as it were. He got plenty of advice, most of it relating to exercise choices, meal timing, set/rep brackets, and goal setting. My suggestion: if you want to look like an MMA athlete, why not become a MMA athlete? Which of course, is the take-home point of this article.

By Charles Staley, B.Sc, MSS
CEO, Staley Training Systems

His colleagues call him an iconoclast, a visionary, a rule-breaker. His clients call him "The Secret Weapon" for his ability to see what other coaches miss. Charles calls himself a "geek" who struggled in Phys Ed throughout school. Whatever you call him, Charles' methods are ahead of their time and quickly produce serious results. His counter-intuitive approach and self-effacing demeanor have lead to appearances on NBC's The TODAY Show and The CBS Early Show.

Currently, Charles competes in Olympic-style weightlifting on the master's circuit, with a 3-year goal of qualifying for the 2009 Master's World Championships.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Enjoy The Benefits Of Woods On Your Treadmill!

Have you ever taken a walk in woods with your eyes wide open and your mind receptive? If you have, I need not tell that there is nothing quite as beneficial for body, heart and soul as a walk amidst the nature. Nothing can beat it. Alas, we no longer have the luxury because we no longer have a forest around to take a walk in. We actually live inside a jungle. Only that the jungle is not green; it’s concrete.

Besides, we have no time to walk around, as we are too busy typing away at frenetic speed on our computers. Every time we visit a doctor, he tells us to lead a more active life, and we promise ourselves that from the next day onwards, we would be as physically active as David Beckham or Tiger Woods. And then comes the ‘next’ day and with it comes an urgent call, asking for a new deadline to be met in no time. The thoughts of an active life fly out of the window like a sweet dream, and we are back on our seats, typing away like maniacs.

Now, the question is how to manage leading a healthy, active life in this era of hectic pace. And, of course, we can’t bring the woods to our houses. So, the next best thing is to get a treadmill. Having a treadmill at home saves us from having to dress up and go to the park or the gym for our daily workout. Many of us just have less than an hour and, therefore, cannot afford to waste half an hour dressing and going to the gym to have 15 minutes of workout. Besides, gyms are not open at all hours while a person might feel like exercising at any hour of the day. Having a treadmill at home gives one the liberty to exercise at one’s own convenience.

Regularity of the exercise is almost never compromise even if lack of time might compel one to cut the duration short. Therefore, if you live in a big city and run packed schedules that do not allow you to find time to walk up to the gym, having a treadmill at home could make your workouts regular. And an investment in health is certainly the wisest investment one could make.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Latest Treadmill Programs To Help You Accomplish Your Fitness Goals

With the growing number of treadmill machines in the market, a similar trend of growth is seen in the treadmill workout programs. The variety of treadmill programs available today are as diverse as the machines themselves. So whatever be your fitness goals, this newly arrived plethora of treadmill programs is here to help you accomplish it.

Whatever be your preference, walking or running, there are numerous treadmill programs that will surely benefit you. Even a treadmill with the most basic design will include a set of specific programs that will give you a healthy workout that you would enjoy forever.

But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, before putting your hands on a particular machine.

1. The foremost thing is, the machine you are planning to buy should be pre-installed with at least the basic programs. It will help you start with your basic regime at least.

2. You want to buy only a good treadmill as a good machine will give you all the fitness advantages in the form of good health. And a good health in turn will give you an impeccable personal motivation.

3. But just acquiring a good treadmill machine, which is loaded with the set of best programs, is not enough. You should have that adequate knowledge to make the best use of the equipment as well.

4. For this, you need to have the grass-root knowledge of the treadmill programs.

A good treadmill workout program is divided into various categories. This division has been done to help the user feel comfortable while making his choice of exercises. The programs discussed below are one of the most commonly used fitness programs today.

Basic and random treadmill workouts

In any treadmill machine you will find a set of basic programs. These basic sets of program are predominantly manual. This means, as a user you will have a complete control of your machine. That is, you can choose your level and speed, also with the desired inclination. These have come with the name of random treadmill workouts, as it gives its user an edge to have an assorted feature of hills and valleys.

Advanced treadmill programs

The other category of treadmills is the one that are equipped with the advanced program levels. This advancement is measured in terms of both, speed and level of inclination. Such treadmills also feature an intermittent series of various hills and valleys. As you continue exercising, there is an increase in the difficulty levels of your workouts, till your performance reaches a peak. Increasingly, the manufacturers are coming up with new varieties of treadmill machines that provide its users specific regimens for speed and sport training, together.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

ow To Make A Home Treadmill Workout A Complete Fun Activity?

The best way to remain fit without spending much of your precious time in a nearby gym is to walk down the treadmill deck. For treadmill workouts can be total fun today. They are no longer a mundane exercise of walking on a no man’s land.

And this is true for even the most basic types of treadmill. Just, you need to make some arrangements to have a completely relishing time of your workouts. Here are some easy and useful tips on how to make a home treadmill workout a complete fun activity.

Record your favorite TV or radio show. And watch it while workouts. With this, you will be able to workout for longer durations and long schedules of work outs would not stress you. The time will pass quite easily.

Or, you can plan to watch your favorite movie while you walk, run or jog on your treadmill. This will help you maintain your interest in exercising for longer durations.

The most important thing, which is essential while exercising, is the environment around. Make the ambience of the place, where the treadmill is placed, motivational and comfortable. For instance, in the room where you intend to exercise you can hang motivational posters and wall hangings. This will instill in you that extra energy, which will enable you to workout for longer durations.

While exercising on a treadmill, talk to people whom you love. You can use a hands-free equipment of your cell phone to talk comfortably while the walk.

If you are a voracious reader, pick up some reading stuff of your choice. If you’re exercising in the morning, you can read a newspaper. In the evenings a good magazine of your interest or a novel or a general interest book would serve the purpose quite effectively.

For music lovers, nothing can beat a good music in the background while exercising. Music will help you reduce that extra fat with more ease. It is well known a fact that music not only instills extra energy to work for longer durations but also tranquilizes your tensed nerves.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 Things To Look For Before Buying A Treadmill…

Often people complain about the lacking time when it comes to working out, exercising or following a fitness regime. If you are also the one among these, you need to buy a home treadmill. For, it is one of the most essential and useful home exercise equipment today.

But before buying home a treadmill, you must care for the following 10 points.

1.First things first, indulge yourself in a little research and read treadmill reviews and buying guides available online.

2.Besides, putting your hands over a particular treadmill model in your nearby health equipments store, you should consider online buying as well. Online buying has become a hit amongst most of the users as it helps you save time and sometimes you might even get a really good bargain for your money.

3.Buying treadmill is not a humungous job. All you need to do is to be a little self-aware of your needs and desires that you intend to fulfill from your machine. Have patience and consider the important factors one by one.

4.Most treadmills are generally made in two frames. One is steel and the other is aluminum. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Steel make is heavier than the aluminum one. Thus steel treadmills are more stable than their aluminum counterpart. But then, a steel frame has a tendency to rust (after sweat contact) therefore a heavy usage of the machine can destroy the machine. Aluminum treadmills on the other hand are more durable and a little more expensive than the steel treadmills.

5.Another important thing that you need to look for in a treadmill before buying is a proper cushioning system. For, only a proper cushioning system can absorb all the force applied and created in the machine while exercising. This in turn lowers the opposite force applied by the machine on the joints of the user.

6.Besides, proper length of a treadmill belt is also a very important factor that you need to look for while choosing a treadmill for yourself. The ideal length is 54 inches or more.

7.Also make sure that your treadmill is equipped with all the safety features. Most of these safety features are automatic features that are very useful to a user working out all alone. For instance, the modern treadmills are equipped with automatically stoppage system for the time when a user slips from the treadmill deck. Besides, some treadmills come with child-lock system that wouldn’t operate unless you give a command.

8.The machine should also be equipped with adjustable and comfortable inclines that enables you to adjust the steepness of the hills according to your needs and capacity. Also see that the deck area of the treadmill is wide enough.

9.Most of treadmills that are available in the market today are electronic treadmills that come with pre-programmed exercising patterns. A heart rate monitor screen on your treadmill will automatically adjust the speed of your running, walking or jogging, according to your present heart rate.

10.And last but never the least, make a well calculated choice as per your needs. For your treadmill is your partner for the good health. All the best!

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Performance Based Body Composition Part 1

In today's world it's a proven fact, and evident to see we as a society are in the worst shape we've ever been. It's a fact as well, which can easily be seen in any form of mass media, that despite this worldwide obesity epidemic we're also more conscious and obsessed with our physique's, or outward appearance then ever before. We are collectively in the worst shape body composition wise, yet like no prior time in history body composition is BIG business, and a public obsession.

I believe these two factors, over obsession with reaching a direct goal, and not reaching said goal or actually regressing in the opposite direction, go hand in hand. They are due to looking to closely at the end result and not putting enough weight, importance, and enjoyment into the steps to reach the goals. Its a fault in the public mind set.
Take a look at 90% of athletes and what do you see?
You see a strong, powerful, and desired physique.

Its these very physiques that many people wish to achieve, be it the slim tight gymnast, the massive and powerful NFL defensive lineman, or the ripped and jacked Olympic sprinter. Its also these very people the media outlets force on you as the ideal physique, and the ones to strive for.

The problem is people, and the media, are looking to put the horse in front of the cart.

You see and desire the physique and don't see the real picture of what it takes to achieve it. You take a mind set to the polar opposite of the athlete whom has the physique and you train directly for it as opposed to training for what caused that physique as a byproduct. You might even adopt the exact training plan and diet of this athlete, (as advertised in the latest for profit publication of course), but you don't adopt the critical mind set.

I believe the cure, to this epidemic, and to everyone reaching their goal of a lean powerful physique lies in athletics. More in the mindset (performance based) then the actual activity, though I'd love to see more people commit to a sport or activity and feel it could largely be a quick fix by asserting the mindset and activity in one swoop.

The athlete, the one who actually has attained this awesome physical presence did so NOT by aiming to look HOT, but as a byproduct of his or her athletic training. By striving to perform better at their given sport. By eating and training with a performance based mind. By setting ultimate and mini goals. By putting in the work every day, and doing so at an activity they love and enjoy.

Even physique athletes at the highest levels, who's actual goal in their given sport is appearance, use this performance based mindset 90% of the year. Why? It's the fastest and most measurable way to attain tangible results and traceable progress. If they perform better...if they get stronger in a particular exercise they will get bigger or denser given they eat for their goals.

Further more, and most importantly, athletic and or performance based thinking is positive, which keeps desire and motivation burning RED HOT.

* Athletes train and eat, they don't exercise and diet.

* Athletes continually reach and earn new training and nutrition stimulus as they conquer bench marks, as opposed to punishing ones self further when you adapt to a previous training or nutrition stimulus.

* Athletes set concrete goals and realistic steps to attain them, as opposed to broad unclear goals that are never reached or can be twisted and construed on a daily basis ("I just want to look good Nekid.")

Everything is done consistently with a focus on today's performance and how it adds to the whole. Things are done with a purpose, a desire, a passion and underlying enjoyment, as opposed to a concentration on the negative, self punishment and deprivation and doing things because they might help.

A lack of tangible reachable steps, a lack of joy and fun, and a focus on what you must deprive yourself from to reach your goals is no way to make a physical long term transformation.

Athletes and those who reach a great transformation be it in performance, body composition, or life in general, concentrate not overly on the big picture, but on the steps it takes to get them there. They make small manageable habitual changes and attain a great degree of enjoyment as they see calculated steps take them closer to that's ultimate goal.

In the following parts of this series I will share some personal examples from my own life in which I succeeded at this mindset, and several in which I failed miserably as it pertains simply to body composition. For the time being, take a step back, relax and take a long hard look at yourself, your goals and what method you use to propel you.

Phillip Stevens, BFA, MFA;

Director of Operations, Staley Training Systems

About The Author

Phil, while attaining both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in studio art found another passion, that of training and nutrition. A constant student, his real-world under-the-barbell and behind-the-fork approach has led to many an opportunity, experience, and change in his life as well as those he has worked.

Phil currently, aside from his varied work with Team Staley, is a working and showing artist ([]). His current personal fitness goals are to become a competitive force as middleweight strongman competitor, while building upon his power lifting experience in which he has seen as high as a top ten national ranking; with a two year goal of obtaining an elite ranking as a 242 or 275lb weight class RAW power lifter.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Best Weight Loss Program - 5 Easy Tips On How To Lose Weight And Melt Fat Faster Than You Dream Of! Article Source:

So you want to start on the best weight loss program you can find. Where to start? You're confused due to all the information available and it's full of contradictions. What a headache! What's more frustrating? Trying to lose the weight, or finding the right program to help you do it? I am going to outline for you what the best weight loss program should contain and help you make up your own mind.

The best weight loss program can vary depending on the program, but in general, it will assist the individual in taking an in-depth look at their existing ways of eating, and also to look at their desired goals. The individual will look at what isn't working for them, and why. The program will assist them in finding out new ways of eating, along with new dietary choices. Weight loss success will come to individuals who are motivated and persistent with the right attitude and the ability to take responsibility and ACTION for their own health.

The best weight loss program will:

1. Know the correct foods that create more rapid fat burning within your body.

2. Know the specific foods that are preventing fat burning within your body.

3. Put the correct foods together in a specific way to generate the FAT BURNING EFFECT!

Look for these points to be covered in the best weight loss programs:

*Sugar is your enemy when it comes to weight loss. This is because sugar causes your body to produce too much insulin, which encourage fat storage. And sugar can be found in hiding in many products. It is very hard to lose weight if you have a lot of insulin running through your bloodstream. It is the job of insulin to regular the amount of blood sugar in your body. When it is in a normal range, you feel fuller and have less 'cravings', especially for highly refined junk foods.

*You can eat a good deal of fruits and veggies without adding too many calories. The sugars the fruit contain is unrefined and natural and the GI (glycemic index) of most vegetables is low, so insulin levels stay stable thus making you feel fuller for longer! Any food that is not processed (such as eggs, lean cuts of meat, raw unsalted nuts etc) is the best guide when you are not sure what food is healthy or not. Don't always trust packaging even on those foods that claim to be healthy! They usually add something else like artificial sweeteners which can also sabotage your efforts. Try to cut down on foods high in fat and sugar. As part of your best weight loss program, you should clear out all the junk food and make sure you have plenty of healthy options available for snacking. When shopping, make sure you eat first to avoid temptation and impulse buying to purchase sugary and fatty snacks.

* Another useful strategy is to break you meals into 5-6 per day instead of the standard three. This way you eat smaller meals more frequently rather than 3 larger ones. This gives the body time to work it off easier and not such a huge dump on your digestive system to digest it all at once.

* A diet should not starve you in the best weight loss program! This is ridiculous because what happens is the body goes into survival mode and stores MORE fat because it thinks there is a reduction in the supply of food. If you starve on a diet, it's not a weight loss diet. It may work in the very short-term, but this is only due to dehydration. Continuing on like this is not only counterproductive, but bad for your general health!

* With your new diet in place, you will feel more energetic to exercise and as you get into the exercise, the more energetic you will become so it works both ways. Your body will also recover faster if you are 'fuelling' it correctly. You CAN lose weight just by changing and watching your diet, but the best weight loss program will combined diet with an exercise program for accelerated results.

* Bonus Tip: Click Here NOW to see a short video and for more weight loss tips and ideas!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Could Saturday Be the New Monday For Dieters? Article Source:

For a long time now I've referred to Saturdays as FATTERDAYS simply because of how much we tend to eat. Here's a new look at weekend eating!

It's a dark, cold Friday night and you've had a tough week at work. You're willpower on your 'healthy eating' regime is at mega low.

You're tired, stressed and you can't be bothered to cook. All you want to do is fall off the wagon and order a Chinese.

I could go on all day about strategies to avoid this and stay on track but that's for a different article.

Today though, I want to cover a new theory that I recently came up with, one that I tested a few weeks ago and has worked INCREDIBLY well.

Let's got back to the Friday night thing..You're still contemplating whether to order the Chinese then that old chestnut of a statement kicks in and its one of my favourites "Oh I'll start again on MONDAY"

If I had a pound for every time I've heard this I'd be typing this from my outdoor pool. Geez, I've even said it myself!

How about this for something wacky?

Drum roll please..

"I'll start on SATURDAY"

WOW! As simple as this may sound I think it could be a breakthrough for so many of us! You see, it's been proven that most people consume the same amount of calories over the weekends 2 DAYS than they do over the previous 5 weekdays!

Amazing huh? I know in the past that's certainly been the case for me. It's well known to most people that through the week it's actually pretty easy to stay on track. You prepare meals in advance, you have food in the fridge and in the cupboards, you drink you're required water intake at your desk and you get to the gym/classes either before or after work.

Then Friday comes and it's a whole new ball game right?

The invites to parties and meals out start coming, the text asking if you fancy a drink, you're out shopping and can't find anything remotely healthy and suddenly 'I'll start on Monday' is being repeated like episodes of friends!

So how about that Saturday start?

Let's look at it this way, the weekend thing is a vicious circle. So, on average you probably get 5 days of clean, lean eating in before that tough Friday, Saturday and Sunday test of determination.

Starting on Saturday gives you 7 days of clean eating, gives you a chance on a Saturday morning to prepare meals for the whole weekend and make you a dab hand in the kitchen cooking up something delicious and healthy for the Saturday night dinner party- I promise you, most of your friends and family will be thanking you for this!

However THE main thing to take from the 'Start Saturday' theory is that once you've ate very well one weekend, the next one is a whole lot easier, you'll feel great after 7 days, you'll have dropped much more fat come the first Friday and you're also developing a new habit.

So, put my FATTERDAY theory to bed and make Saturday the new Monday! Without the Blues!

Paul Mort is the North East's Number One fat-loss expert and is head trainer and owner of - the only company in the north east that can guarantee results 100%. Paul has featured on ITV's North East Tonight, BBC Radio 5 Live and several local and national publications and has been described by Men's Health's Craig Ballantyne as one of the UK'S top trainers. Paul is also the creator of the revolutionary fat-loss experience M.E.L.T- Metabolism Enhancing Lifestyle Training. To view more of Paul's articles and advice visit

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Understanding Good Carbohydrates Vs Bad Carbs and Choosing Healthy for Weight Loss Article Source:

There has been so much confusion about the topic of good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates in recent years... I wanted to help clear up some of that confusion for you and set you on a clearer path to lifelong fat loss success and healthier eating.

First of all, although I am not a "low carb" believer (I certainly don't think extremely low carbohydrate diets are healthy), I do believe that one of the main reasons that the vast majority of people struggle to ever lose weight is that they are over-consuming processed refined carbohydrates such as pasta, bagels, breads, cereals, rice, muffins, sodas, juices, candies, crackers, etc.

It is exceedingly hard to lose weight if you are over-consuming any of these types of refined processed carbohydrates (even if you work out extremely hard). In addition to causing big blood sugar swings and insulin surges that stimulate direct body fat storage, eating too many carbohydrates also increases your cravings and overall appetite.

Even carbohydrate sources that most people think are "healthy" really are just excess calories that do not really contain significant nutrient density... and many types of breads and cereals claim to be "whole grain" through clever marketing although in reality, the first ingredient in them is refined flour, which is just going to spike your blood sugar and create an insulin surge. After years of eating excess processed carbohydrates, it becomes harder and harder for insulin to do it's job and continue handling all of this blood sugar, and insulin resistance and eventual type 2 diabetes can occur in many people.

My opinion on this is that the majority of people struggling to lose weight would get much better results by following these types of guidelines:

1. Reduce overall grain-based foods in your diet (pasta, cereal, crackers, rice, etc) and focus more of your diet on healthy free range, grass-fed meats and eggs, raw grass-fed dairy, and a whole lot of vegetables.

2. Instead of grains for most of your carbohydrate intake, try getting most of your carbs from veggies, sweet potatoes, and a variety of berries and whole fruits (NOT fruit juices, which remove the beneficial fiber as well as other important nutrients in the fruit)

3. If you are going to get any grains at all, focus on the most nutrient dense and fibrous portions of the grain... the bran and the germ. This means that the healthiest ideas are using oat bran instead of oat meal, and using wheat germ and rice bran by adding them to your salads, yogurt, cottage cheese, soups, smoothies, etc. This way you get all of the most nutrient dense parts of the grains without all of the excess starches and calories.

4. To replace the void if you are accustomed to consuming large quantities of cereals, bread, pasta, and other carbohydrate sources... try filling that void with additional healthy fats such as avocados, guacamole, nuts, seeds, nut butters as well as healthy proteins such as grass-fed raw dairy and grass fed meats, whole free-range organic eggs, etc. Healthy fats and protein sources go a long way to satisfying your appetite, controlling proper blood sugar and hormone levels, and helping you to make real progress on weight loss for life.

With all of that said, here's one of my favorite carbohydrate sources that is high in fiber as well as contains a high density of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals... it is yams and/or sweet potatoes. Try slicing them into thin slivers and sauteeing them with a few tablespoons of water in a pan for about 5 minutes for a quicker healthy carb (instead of baking them for over an hour). Finish them off with a touch of grass-fed organic butter and some cinnamon and you've got a delicous and healthy carbohydrate side dish!

For more unique exercise and diet techniques for losing your stubborn stomach fat, go to Workouts & Diet Tips for Losing Belly Fat Fast

Discover how to do fast and furious workouts at home by using our Four Minute Bodyweight & Dumbbell Home Workouts

Mike Geary is the best-selling author of The Truth about Six Pack Abs, with over 100,000 readers in over 150 countries. Mike is also an avid skier and creator of one of the most comprehensive Skier Fitness Training Routines

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Uncover Quick And Effective Methods For At Home Fat Loss Happiness Article Source:

One of the key reasons people opt for their fat loss workout routines at home is simply having no time. most stay at home moms are demanded to workout at home for fat loss as well as on the go dads who are tied down with jobs all while being their son's baseball coach duties.

The point I'm attempting to make is most people are bound for time these days, which makes it almost impossible to stick to a workout plan at home. I'm here to tell you that you don't need loads of hours in a gym. What I'm going to unveil for you is going to shock you and go against everything you thought you knew about working out.

The truth is most in the fitness industry and even fitness publications won't tell you the true secrets to fat loss because you'll stop buying the gym memberships, and fitness equipment they try to push down your throats.

Let's get to it...

Your old way of doing steady speed cardio for 30-60 minutes never really was effective at burning fat. Yep, that's right all those countless hours you paced like a hamster on a wheel didn't do too much for your waistline. You see, effective fat loss is all about the rate of calories you burn long after your workouts are completed.

So how should I be exercising you may be asking?

By performing brief periods of high intensity exercise followed by recovery periods you will create a stimulus to your body that will enable it to incinerate body fat up to 24-to even 36 hours after your workouts.

Now that sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

What if I told you that you only have to workout 20-45 minutes maximum?

Well it's true, by exercising for 20-45 minutes, three times a week you can be blessed with with the benefits that you will be striving so hard for. The one thing to always remember is to exert your maximal effort at all times during these high intensity workouts. That is when we create the response your body needs to undergo for sustained flab burning capabilities.

Working out at home never got so simple now that with this style of fat loss workouts you do not need machines or even weights if you don't have them. By using body weight exercises you can challenge yourself and mold your body into a fat burning frenzy.

Now you're probably pondering what exactly should I be doing for my at home fat loss workouts right? Well I'd be crazy to throw out all my secrets in this article for the world to read, however I'm giving it all away for free at the link posted below in the author resource box.

Be sure to visit immediately to learn all the at home fat loss exercises, methods and even your very own flab incinerating nutrition plans. So go now and be ready to reach your goals.

Don't wait any longer, visit At Home Fat Loss right now to get your FREE 4 Week Fat Loss Program and learn fat loss nutrition tips today!

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