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One of the key reasons people opt for their fat loss workout routines at home is simply having no time. most stay at home moms are demanded to workout at home for fat loss as well as on the go dads who are tied down with jobs all while being their son's baseball coach duties.

The point I'm attempting to make is most people are bound for time these days, which makes it almost impossible to stick to a workout plan at home. I'm here to tell you that you don't need loads of hours in a gym. What I'm going to unveil for you is going to shock you and go against everything you thought you knew about working out.

The truth is most in the fitness industry and even fitness publications won't tell you the true secrets to fat loss because you'll stop buying the gym memberships, and fitness equipment they try to push down your throats.

Let's get to it...

Your old way of doing steady speed cardio for 30-60 minutes never really was effective at burning fat. Yep, that's right all those countless hours you paced like a hamster on a wheel didn't do too much for your waistline. You see, effective fat loss is all about the rate of calories you burn long after your workouts are completed.

So how should I be exercising you may be asking?

By performing brief periods of high intensity exercise followed by recovery periods you will create a stimulus to your body that will enable it to incinerate body fat up to 24-to even 36 hours after your workouts.

Now that sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

What if I told you that you only have to workout 20-45 minutes maximum?

Well it's true, by exercising for 20-45 minutes, three times a week you can be blessed with with the benefits that you will be striving so hard for. The one thing to always remember is to exert your maximal effort at all times during these high intensity workouts. That is when we create the response your body needs to undergo for sustained flab burning capabilities.

Working out at home never got so simple now that with this style of fat loss workouts you do not need machines or even weights if you don't have them. By using body weight exercises you can challenge yourself and mold your body into a fat burning frenzy.

Now you're probably pondering what exactly should I be doing for my at home fat loss workouts right? Well I'd be crazy to throw out all my secrets in this article for the world to read, however I'm giving it all away for free at the link posted below in the author resource box.

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