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Could Saturday Be the New Monday For Dieters? Article Source:

For a long time now I've referred to Saturdays as FATTERDAYS simply because of how much we tend to eat. Here's a new look at weekend eating!

It's a dark, cold Friday night and you've had a tough week at work. You're willpower on your 'healthy eating' regime is at mega low.

You're tired, stressed and you can't be bothered to cook. All you want to do is fall off the wagon and order a Chinese.

I could go on all day about strategies to avoid this and stay on track but that's for a different article.

Today though, I want to cover a new theory that I recently came up with, one that I tested a few weeks ago and has worked INCREDIBLY well.

Let's got back to the Friday night thing..You're still contemplating whether to order the Chinese then that old chestnut of a statement kicks in and its one of my favourites "Oh I'll start again on MONDAY"

If I had a pound for every time I've heard this I'd be typing this from my outdoor pool. Geez, I've even said it myself!

How about this for something wacky?

Drum roll please..

"I'll start on SATURDAY"

WOW! As simple as this may sound I think it could be a breakthrough for so many of us! You see, it's been proven that most people consume the same amount of calories over the weekends 2 DAYS than they do over the previous 5 weekdays!

Amazing huh? I know in the past that's certainly been the case for me. It's well known to most people that through the week it's actually pretty easy to stay on track. You prepare meals in advance, you have food in the fridge and in the cupboards, you drink you're required water intake at your desk and you get to the gym/classes either before or after work.

Then Friday comes and it's a whole new ball game right?

The invites to parties and meals out start coming, the text asking if you fancy a drink, you're out shopping and can't find anything remotely healthy and suddenly 'I'll start on Monday' is being repeated like episodes of friends!

So how about that Saturday start?

Let's look at it this way, the weekend thing is a vicious circle. So, on average you probably get 5 days of clean, lean eating in before that tough Friday, Saturday and Sunday test of determination.

Starting on Saturday gives you 7 days of clean eating, gives you a chance on a Saturday morning to prepare meals for the whole weekend and make you a dab hand in the kitchen cooking up something delicious and healthy for the Saturday night dinner party- I promise you, most of your friends and family will be thanking you for this!

However THE main thing to take from the 'Start Saturday' theory is that once you've ate very well one weekend, the next one is a whole lot easier, you'll feel great after 7 days, you'll have dropped much more fat come the first Friday and you're also developing a new habit.

So, put my FATTERDAY theory to bed and make Saturday the new Monday! Without the Blues!

Paul Mort is the North East's Number One fat-loss expert and is head trainer and owner of - the only company in the north east that can guarantee results 100%. Paul has featured on ITV's North East Tonight, BBC Radio 5 Live and several local and national publications and has been described by Men's Health's Craig Ballantyne as one of the UK'S top trainers. Paul is also the creator of the revolutionary fat-loss experience M.E.L.T- Metabolism Enhancing Lifestyle Training. To view more of Paul's articles and advice visit

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