Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why the Sole F80 Treadmill is Right For Me

I am a person who is very health conscious. One of the things that I do to stay fit is to jog every afternoon in the park. But due to bad weather condition, I cannot do my exercise activity outdoors all the time. I looked for fitness equipment which I can conveniently use it inside my house. I found this Sole F80 Treadmill.

It is a cheap treadmill that was reasonably priced for me to purchase. Although it is cheap, it has a high quality and it is just performing well for me. It is user friendly equipment which comprises of 6 workout programs which helps me to perform different kinds of exercises. It also has 2 heart rate programs that help my heart stay healthy. The equipment has also a two defined program that could be a great help for my own health. The LED display allows me to track my speed, incline, time. It also allows me to determine the distance travel that I could attain, know my calories, pulse and my pace. It also has a built in cooling fans which make me stay cool while doing my exercise activity.

It is a cheap treadmill that has a digital track that allows me to follow a graph that corresponds to my program while I run or jog on it. The F80m Treadmill has a strong 3.0 horsepower that allows me to have continuous exercise activities with its nonstop duty motor. I can speed it up to 12 miles per hour and I can incline its surface up to 15 percent. The F8o's Cushion Flex Whisper Deck protects my joints from its excessive pounding and I can easily reduce its impact up to 40 percent. It has a large stop switch for my own safety. In case that my heart beat is beating at a very abnormal pace due to rigid exercise; I can easily stop its switch. It has a low profile running hood and a wireless chest strap that monitors that measures my heart rate. It has a capacity of 335 ponds which is just perfect for my own use.

This innovative fitness equipment is really designed for fitness conscious like me. The convenience that it gives me exceeded the price that I paid for it. I am glad that I found this cheap treadmill because it perfectly meets my needs for a fitness device! Aside from the health benefits it also offers an extensive warranty such as lifetime on the motor, deck and frame. Five years warranty on the electronics, belt and rollers and two years on the labor. This is really a very fantastic cheap treadmill!

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