Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Best Kid's Fitness Equipment

With the recent technological advancements in home computers, televisions, stereos, and video games, kids are spending less and less time outdoors. Therefore, many of our kids are not getting enough exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Many parents have turned to buying kid's fitness equipment so that they can workout in the house. Which kid's fitness equipment machine is best?

Most experts in both the medical field and the fitness industry agree that it is the treadmill. Below is a list of the reasons why a treadmill best suits a child's needs.

1) Just as there have been a lot of technological advances in computers and video games, there have also been many in treadmills. Despite the fact that these at home fitness machines have been around for decades, they have come so far in so many ways, that they remain the top selling workout machines today. The features now being put into treadmills include built in stereos, tv's and dvd players. These features best appeal to a child's interest and can help to hold their attention as they exercise.

2) Out of all kid's fitness machines, treadmills offer the best pre designed workouts. These workouts give kids a goal to work toward and offer them a sense of accomplishment as they reach these goals and move on to new ones. Just like completing or conquering a video game, conquering a workout challenge excites children and serves as motivation.

3) The low impact nature of exercising on a treadmill ensure safety for your child. Also, it helps to ensure that kids don't experience any problems with their joints.

4) Treadmills offer strictly cardiovascular exercise and don't include any type of weight training. There are many reasons why children should not exercise to build muscle and working out on a treadmill is perfect exercise, with no weight training.

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For elliptical machines, check out the Elliptical Exercise Equipment Buyer's Guide.

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