Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Healthy Fat Loss - Do it the Right Way

America when comes to fat loss lets take a minute to be realistic. The truth is many of us have started a diet at one time or another. Now lets ask ourselves - did it work? Are we at our desired weight? Now I bet you answered no to both questions.
You have probably been asking your self for a while now why haven't the diet's that you have tried not gotten you to your desired weight goals. There could be many reasons why your diet that you tried didn't work well for you. But lets take a look at the most realistic approach.
Now when many people here the words "diet" or "dietary" the first thing they think of is fat loss. These two words are normally associated with the idea of a bothersome and grueling meal plan that gets you to a desired weight goal. But with this frame of mind you aren't going to get very far.
Let take a real look at what the word "diet" means. The word "diet" is define as the food and drink that is consumed by a person or group. So in other words you are on a diet right now. And it is this diet that as gotten you to your current state.
Now you have been on this diet your entire life except for those brief periods when you were trying to lose weight. The problem with most fat loss diets is that they expect you to live in a way that is not comfortable or live in a way that you are not use to.
Now the truth is change is the key ingredient in fat loss - but for most it's also their down fall. At this point you are probably wondering can be done. Here's the answer America. When it comes to a change in your current daily diet you must be realistic.
In diets that you have tried before that were only focused on fat loss you did things like working out every day - even twice a day sometimes and eating in a way that you normally never would have done. This type of change is to quick and unrealistic. Even though doing those things may provide results - you aren't going to live like that for ever which means you will go back to your old diet and begin gaining unwanted fat.
What you need to do is make small meaningful changes to your diet and activity levels. Try eating food that you know you like. Choose food from lean meat, fruits and vegetables but only ones that you know you would like to eat. These is no sense in forcing your self to eat foods you hate. Also many diets leave us feeling very hungry. Try spreading your calories through out the day. There are many five to six meal a day plans that work great for fat loss.
Lastly when it comes to your activity levels - you must increase your activity levels to loss fat but if you go join a gym or plan on running three miles every day some things tells me your going to find your self unhappy in about a week or two. For activity start off small. Try playing a sport you like on a weekly basis or you can go for a walk around your neighborhood a couple of times a week.
The best way for you to lose unwanted fat is to take the healthy fat loss approach by focusing on living healthy first. Focusing on living healthy instead of just thinking about fat loss - by doing the things mentioned above.
Healthy fat loss is the real way to get your life and diet where you need it to be. With an easier way of learning how to eat and lose.
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