Monday, June 7, 2010

Effective Supplements For Weight Loss

With almost 55% of American population struggling with weight problems, the demand for supplements for weight loss is on the rise. Especially in this e-age, when information about obesity is available in a few clicks, people are increasingly becoming aware of the fatal diseases that obesity can lead to, such as strokes or hypertension. Therefore, food supplements that are safe and reliable have emerged as the first choice for the suffering millions.

How Do Supplements For Weight Loss Work?
While claims that food supplements alone can burn body fat to the desired proportions may be whimsical, the fact is that right amount of exercises, along with the supplements, can achieve weight reduction faster than exercising alone.

Supplements for weight loss work at different levels to reduce weight. Let's have a look at the different ways:

* Reducing hunger: Supplements suppress appetite or remove the constant feeling of hunger to decrease food intake.

* Build muscular strength: Supplements that build muscular strength are predominantly rich in proteins, which are known to burn calories and hence control weight.

* Increase metabolism: Agents such as 'camellia sinensis' are known to increase metabolism, which is the rate at which the body burns fat. Higher metabolism rate means more calories are burnt, decreasing the chances of fat accumulation.

* Inducing a sense of being 'full': Many supplements use roughage to generate a sense of full stomach.

* Increasing the effectiveness of insulin: If insulin works properly, calories are converted into muscles than fat.

Common Ingredients of Effective Supplements for Weight Loss

Though there are several herbs that can aid weight reduction, listed below are the effective ones:

* Guggul or commiphora wightii: This shrub is known to have the unique qualities of burning fat stores and reduce lipids in the blood.

* Belleric myrobalan: Known as bibhitaki in the east, it is rich in essential fatty acids that contribute to the good cholesterol. It is also known to have cancer fighting properties.

* Long pepper: This herb is known to increase the metabolism and aid digestion, thus maintaining optimum weight.

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