Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top 5 Ways to Help You Lose Weight Effectively

If you're looking for means to start your weight loss journey, you've come to the right place. Welcome! This entire week I've been doing research to help you lose weight effectively, quickly and safely. Ok, I'm not going to waste our precious time, let me just present you with my findings.
(Not in any specific order) Ways I discovered that can help you effectively lose weight would be:

1. Eat 6 times a day - Well of course I'm not telling you to eat blissfully 6 times a day! You should plan your 6 meals. Adopting a proper diet, breaking your breakfast, lunch and dinner into 6 smaller meals has proven to be one effective technique. The simple rationale is that, by doing so, you can prevent snacking and keep your body's metabolism high (this helps you burn your fats pretty easily and quickly.)

2. Adopting a Healthy Diet - Technically everyone should adopt healthy diet. This serves as a mechanism which helps your body to maintain its figure. *NOTE: A healthy diet solely, does not lead to weight loss but it maintains your body figure. So if you think by eating less or cutting your carbohydrate content daily will help you lose weight, you're wrong! First, it's not a save technique and second, it'll effectively last for only a short while. So how can adopting a healthy diet help you effectively lose weight? Complementing a proper diet with regular exercises! (I'll talk about that in a while)

Planning a proper diet...... Hmm...I have a source in mind that can provide you a guide in designing your own personalized diet. But for your sake, I will not disclose this source till I've tested its credibility and effectiveness. No worries, I will help you find the best source of health diet guru in no time. ANYHOOS, BREAKFAST. BREAKFAST. BREAKFAST. I don't know how else do I emphasize this but proper BREAKFAST is impetus to a healthy lifestyle and an effective diet plan. Rationale: By simply ensuring you have a healthy breakfast, you can set your metabolism up for the rest of the day. It's sort of a determinant as of how much fats you're gonna loose for the day.

3. Exercise - Now, if you haven't been exercising for months/years, here's a warning: NEVER start exercising intensively all of a sudden. By doing so, you're not only damaging your health but your life and that burning spirit to loose weight. This is SERIOUS! ALWAYS come out with a realistic exercise plan. You should consider building up your fitness level before proceeding to more intensive routine. For example, if you haven't been exercising for decades (please read it in a sarcastic way) try a 10 minutes walk for a start. When you think you're able to take more, increase the speed gradually and then subsequently extend the period of the walk.

4. Good support system - Now, losing weight is never an easy task. Who told you it was easy anyways? It requires courage, discipline, determination & strong will. For you to always keep you spirits high, you NEED a good supporting system. You need: - Supportive friends and families - A circle of friends and professionals to advice you and encourage you consistently. Now if you don't already have that, I have a good, solid recommendation of social networking centre for you. It's facebook. No I'm just kidding. It's actually the Fatloss InnerCircle. Here you'll make friends with many people sharing the same goal. It serves as a platform for you and the rest to share your personal experience and to encourage one another. To complement that, you'll have a group of professionals you can consistently seek help from. They have trials as well. Go check it out! - Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.

5. Consuming Weight Loss Supplements - Ok, when comes to weight loss supplements, you have to be extremely careful. All my life, I've been a research analyst and diet pills, they're one of my favorites Right now, I'm coming up with a review website studying and analyzing on weight loss supplements. Over there, you'll get to see me and my professional colleagues' views on different weight loss supplements and things we look at for comparisons. No worries, I'll give you the link once it's up and running. But for now, let me just share with you the fundamental things to look at when choosing a supplement that suits you. - Content : Natural ingredients are usually much more preferred over chemically enriched supplements, as they affect our nervous system and various fundamental organs. So if you do have kidney problems and stuff, you must watch out the kind of diet supplements you take. - Credibility : Lately, I've seen to many diet pills being promoted everywhere. NEVER fall for any trap. Before purchasing always look at the credibility. How are they recognized, whether or not they're clinically proven and so on.

Ok that's it. The FIVE ways to lose weight effectively. Remember diet supplements alone won't help. Don't expect miracle. The best proven way for an effective and safe weight loss will be complementing all five techniques. Over the weeks, I'll try to elaborate more on this five aspects. So always keep a look out.

About the Author
Syif Miller is a health research analyst in a medical company.In a recent survey she conducted, a remarkable 88.1% of the population agreed that physical appearance is an integral factor to human satisfaction. Visit her at http://www.weightloss.informativegallery.com for fresh insights on weight loss strategies and also check out weekly her produced articles at http://personalweightlossguide.blogspot.com

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