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Fat Loss Revealed Weight Loss Plan - An Honest Review Article Source:

If you're in the market to find a program to get rid of belly fat, slim your hips and thighs, or lose those muffin top love handles, you probably wouldn't mind working with someone who has been involved in training a wide range of athletes, from professional body builders, golfers, and fitness contestants to police and military personnel. If so, then Will Brink is your man.

Will Brink is a long respected member of the health and fitness industry. A nutritionist by education, he has been invited to lecture on the benefits of weight training and nutrition at conventions and symposiums all across the U.S. and Canada, and has appeared on several television and radio programs. He is also a columnist, contributing consultant, and writer for various health and fitness, medical, and body building publications. In short, he is a qualified expert in the field of nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.

Will created his Fat Loss Revealed weight loss program for athletes and non-athletes alike. In it he reviews nearly 30 major dietary supplements including green tea, flax oil, ephedrine, and yohimbine for their potential in losing weight. But this section on reviews of diet supplements is only one part of his book and plan. A second section covers fat loss nutrition and diets, what you need to know to provide the body with the nutrition it needs for a balanced metabolism that will burn excess fat.

A third section covers fat loss workouts designed to utilize hormonal responses in the body to bring about a fat burning response. Everything a person needs to know about the correct workouts for burning fat can be found in this section. If you want to know how to lose belly fat and develop six-pack abs, you will find that information here.

The fourth section of this plan revolves around an online support forum called the Members Zone where individual questions of all kinds (not just weight loss related) can be addressed by a set of health/fitness experts (including Will himself). This forum also includes a computerized meal and diet planner, exercise demonstration videos, a nutrition database, reviews of over 200 brand name supplements and more. But more importantly, it can provide the necessary motivation that many people need to stick with the program to see it through to the end.

The incredible thing about Will's program is that it can help you to design your own individualized plan for losing weight. Which is to say that this plan is not a one-size-fits-all plan. This means being able to choose foods you like that will help you achieve your goal. It's flexible enough to encourage your input in planning the nutrition part of the program. Yet, don't be fooled. Diet is only one part of the plan; you won't lose the weight you want to lose without participation in the workouts.

Overall, it is difficult to find any kind of weakness or failing in the Fat Loss Revealed program. Will has thought of nearly everything in terms of designing a program that virtually anyone can follow. No other program has the kind of support system and personnel that Will has put together, which alone could be worth the price of the material. The reviews of weight loss supplements by itself may end up saving you from wasting hundreds of dollars on worthless products. In conclusion, it would be hard to find a more complete, inexpensive, or effective weight loss program in which to invest.

If you need a program with a live online support system to motivate you, check out Will Brink's Fat Loss Revealed. Will provides in-depth reviews of diet supplements as well as sharing his insights into losing weight. Find out about the keys to losing fat quickly the same way that professional photo models lose their unwanted fat from respected trainer Joel Marion. Check out his comprehensive program Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

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