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Water is one of the most important elements in fat loss. If you are not getting a proper balance of water, then you can not possibly get the best fat loss results. If you are 40 lbs overweight and do not workout really, and your diet is sketchy, are you going to notice a huge physical appearance probably not. However, it will provide you with the building blocks you need to start turning your body into a more efficient fat burning machine. Now, if you are slightly over your desired body fat and you have been skimping on the water, lifting weights, doing cardio, and eating pretty clean, are you going to see and feel a difference? YES a Big Difference.

The liver is our fat traffic cross guard, if you will. It helps break down the fat and sort where the body needs it for energy. So what happens if there is a traffic jam? The cross guard gets flustered, and tells people to park on the side until he get things sorted out and moving again. Those parked cars in this (again I know weird analogy) is our fat.

Why did the traffic jam occur? Because the traffic lights down the street, the kidney, went haywire and stop functioning right. Water is the magic that gets the kidney happy and pumping. If it's not happy or is overworked, it sends its entire extra load to the liver, when this happens the liver gets overloaded and starts to store that fat because it just does not have the room or time to sort out everything properly.
So simply plan to drink enough water. Then the kidney is working normal and happy, the liver sorts all your fat, and toxins get released. Now you have a well oiled fat burning machine.
Now why if this is so simple, is it so neglected?

Well a lot of people do not like to drink water, forget to drink water, or do not understand its importance. Now that you understand its importance, let's look at what happens when you start drinking it so you know when you are getting enough. First off, a lot of people start drinking more water and their number one complaint is "I go to the bathroom all the time, I just can not pee that much". Well this is going to happen. Your body is regulating, it's going to take a little while (usually a few weeks) to flush out the toxins and get rid of the water storage. 8/10 people are partially dehydrated at all times. When you are dehydrated you store water, just as you do in starvation mode with fat. It takes a little while for your body to believe that it's going to continue getting that water. so for a little while it's going to be in an "in and out" system. However it will adjust, and once it does the bathroom runs will be less and less.

There is a reason why everyone automatically thinks pee should be bright yellow, because most of the population is partially dehydrated. When you first start out drinking a lot of water your urine color will be mostly clear. Remember that your body is adjusting and flushing out toxins. However the goal is to have very light off yellow, almost clear, urine. This is a sign of good hydration. The more yellow, the more dehydrated.

How much water is enough? Keep it simple. For a woman who exercises, a gallon a day. For a man who exercises, 1.5 to 2 gallons a day. If you find after a few weeks you are still very clear and using the bathroom a lot, lower you intake some. If it's still really yellow increase your intake some. For marathon runners and trainers make sure, if you are taking in more than 3 gallons of water a day, to really add sodium to your intake to regulate your body. This is so you do not put your body in a Hyperdemia state.


o Do not drink a little water and then a huge amount at one time to make up for your daily needs. It's just like eating 5-6 meals a day. Get your water broken up through out the day.

o If you have been dehydrated, expect some bloating and water weight to occur the first week or so. It's just the same as if you stopped eating food after being in starvation mode; your body is going to hold on to it. So if bloating occurs, it's natural and will pass in a short time.

o Cold/warm which one? Some say cooler water is absorbed quicker and helps burn fat faster. Some say warm is easier to drink and delays cramping. Overall it does not really matter too much. Just find a way to get it down.

Leigh Peele is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and holds other certificates in both nutrition and in sports specific training. She trains everyone from housewives to actresses and world ranked fighters.

She has been published both locally and nationally and latest contribution to the fitness community is the recent publication The Fat Loss Troubleshoot. To find out more information on Leigh Peele and products visit

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