Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Health of Your Fingernails Reflect Your Overall Health and Fitness

Understanding your body and health is a very important aspect of leading a happy and well-balanced life. Every day we overcome several diseases that may attack us. Many a times our body is faced with several health adversaries that we may not even become aware of to treat. Detecting these health issues in the early stages is the most important aspect to taking the necessary precaution.

Furthermore, it helps you decide on the course of action that you must take there on. But is it possible to detect health issues before they even show? In fact yes, there are several ways you can detect bodily malfunctioning by simply observing your body. One of the most widely used techniques is observing your nails for a color change. A particular color change can be associated with several internal issues that your body may be in the initial stages of. This article will take you through some of the most common color changes that your nails may go through and what it could mean.

Your nails turn yellowish
This is by far the most common discoloring that your nails undergo. A yellow tint on your nails is mostly nothing serious. Generally, the aging process makes you nail appear yellow. Using nail paint also tends to leave yellow stains. People who smoke a lot too face this problem. However if none of these reasons suit your bill, then you may be facing a case of bacterial infection. Diabetes, liver dysfunction and even respiratory problems tend to show such a color change.

Your nails turn blue
A blue tint or discoloring is most often associated with heart and respiratory disorder related diseases. It is also associated with cancer. A thin blue line on your nail can be a very strong symptom of cancer. This sort of discoloring is uncommon, and if it accompanies any other sort of uneasiness, consulting a doctor is advised.

Your nails turn white
Whitening of nails is associated with anemia. It is a sign of low red blood cells. Fungal infections also show whitening of nails. A white strip on your nail in some rare cases is a sign of kidney disorder.

Your nails turn black
Some cases of anemia cause blackening of nails. It is also a result of heavy metals present in your blood. This can happen if you live in an industrial environment or you constantly work with heavy chemicals. A black strip on your nails or blackening of the area below your nails can be a sign of melanoma(skin tumor). Blackening of the cuticles is a symptom of adrenal gland problems.

Even the shape and texture of your nail can tell you a lot about your health. Iron deficiencies cause your nails to become thin and slightly more concave. Clubbing of nails or slight nail inversion is a sign of lung disorders. Noticing these small changes in your nail color, texture and feel can save you a great deal in serving as cues to your overall health. Catching such harmful diseases in their early stages can help you prevent it from becoming a major health threat.

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