Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Should You do if Your Weight Loss Regime Does Not Yield Results?

Weight loss training is often a long process. It involves several aspects of fitness that need to be attended to in order to work efficiently. Simply working out seldom helps. It needs to be backed up by a suitable diet and exercise regime, amongst other factors.

Many a times even though you think you are doing it right, your weight loss program does not yield you results which are visible or measurable to you. This can be quiet frustrating. This is however no situation to panic or get depressed about. This article will take you through some simple things you can do when your Weight Loss Regime does not yield Results.

Change your workout pattern
The first option you can consider is to change your workout schedule. It is quite possible that your layout is simply not working for you. Increasing aerobic exercise is a good alternative. You can also try outdoor workout options like running, jogging, cycling etc. along with gym exercise. Make sure you are consistent in working out. Any change in workout schedule will be of no use if you don’t implement it regularly. Keep a track of your exercise agenda.

Make sure you sleep well. Studies show that lack of sleep results in low metabolism, which in turn makes you crave for food even when not hungry. The result is an involuntary increase in calorie intake. Lack of sleep also increases you stress levels. Stress causes production of a hormone called cortisol, which causes an increase in hunger and causes fat storage in the abdominal area.

Check your diet
Overeating is the most common reason behind weight loss programs failing. If you are not constantly keeping calorie count, there is a very high possibility of you over eating. Start by keeping a diet journal where you note everything you eat as detailed as possible for a week. When you keep a ‘diet watch’ don’t just keep a watch for calories. Check if you are taking enough proteins. They help you burn fat mass and convert them to muscle mass.

If you are under medication, check your medicines
Some medicines contribute to weight gain. Birth control medication, oral steroids, anti-depressants and medication for diabetes are known to cause such an effect. Conditions such as a thyroid deficiency are also known to cause such side effects.

Get a personal trainer
Many a times while exercising by yourself, you may commit some rookie errors in exercise methods. These mistakes can render you work out ineffective and maybe even render you injured. Also many a times you cannot pin point your body’s requirements and tend to over work or under work- both giving negative results. This is where a personal trainer can help you. Not only can you have a workout plan designed specifically for your body, they also keep a track of your diet and life style to help you yield greater results.

Stagnant weight while undergoing weight loss training is highly common. Make sure you give yourself enough time to show results, they do not show overnight. You can always contact a doctor for further assistance if required.

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