Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Muscles Work to Burn Fat 24 Hours a Day

Everyone wants to have a lean, well-chiseled body with perfect muscles to show off. If you have more muscle weight, it not only makes you a better-looking person but also a healthier person. A person who is lean and well built is not a person who has low body weight as you may often think.

People with muscles weigh just as much as a normal person who has no muscles; in fact, they tend to weigh more. However, as they have more muscle mass as opposed to fat mass, their body structure is lean. Your muscles give you an added advantage – the ability to automatically burn fat by itself 24/7! Yes, you read it right. Scientific research has proven that possessing muscles can help you burn fat more efficiently and this article will guide you on how that works.

Burning Fat through the Day

Muscles propel you body like a fuel. As we know fuel uses up energy. Skeletal muscles are largely responsible for this. These are the muscles that are attached to the skeleton – you can see and feel on your body. They occur in pairs where one muscle moves the bone in one direction and the other helps in moving it back.

They are capable of both voluntary and involuntary motion. Thus through the day they are constantly and repeatedly working, with or without your notice. Other types of muscles such as smooth muscles (found in the stomach area) and cardiac muscles (found in the heart) also work by flexing and de-flexing involuntarily throughout the day, however they do not contribute too much to fat burning.

Burning Fat when you do nothing

We all know that while exercising we burn both carbohydrates and fat simultaneously .But a lesser-known fact is that fat is burnet even when you are idle! In addition, if you possess muscles, the rate at which you burn fat is higher. Fat is similar to a slow burning fuel, it requires oxygen to burn. This oxygen is mostly drawn from the body itself. If you have a fixed calorie intake and physical activity, your oxygen level in the body is more or less constant.

Under this situation, the body requires more oxygen in order to burn fat. This is not readily available in a format needed by the body. This is when you are asked to perform cardiovascular or aerobic exercise to generate the required oxygen. Individuals with more muscle mass have oxygen-pumping capacity. Thus, automatically you become more capable of burning fat. Your muscles can help you burn up to 50 calories by not doing anything at all!

Burning Fat to Provide Energy

Muscles also pump up your metabolism. With increased metabolism, the body’s need for energy also goes up. This excess need for energy is then drawn from the fat present in the body. Thus, the body generates an internal need to burn its own fat. This is of course only in the situation that you maintain a constant calorie intake.

Possessing muscles is not just a matter of looking good and being lean. Muscles become an important health benefactor in every step of your life, whether you are working out or you are idle.

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