Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long Fingernails - When Your Nails Have the Fastest Growth Rate

Growing long fingernails can be a real struggle for many, which is why so many woman resort to artificial nails. With the proper fingernail care, you can achieve long fingernails, but like everything it takes time and a little bit of work.

Daily massaging fingernails with oil such as olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil is good. This way you keep your fingernails moisturized, and hydrated. It is usually because nails are dehydrated that they split, peel and break.

Taking a biotin supplement can help with strengthening nails. Biotin is known to help with the thickness of nails, as well as your hair. Gently tapping your fingers on a hard surface will help stimulate blood flow, and help increase nail growth.

Using a nail buffer will help with nail growth, although you need to be careful you don't over buff, and only use the coarse side of the buffer about once a month, as you can easily thin your nails. Fingernails grow at a faster rate than your toe nails, and if you are right handed, your nails grow faster than your left hand, and if you are left handed, and your nails grow faster than your right hand.

People, who are in the habit of fingernail biting, actually have a faster fingernail growth rate. When you bite your nails, you are increasing blood flow to the nail. Although sadly, you will never get to see lovely long fingernails. Just before menstruation begins, your nails tent to grow quicker, and also for women who are in the beginning stages of pregnancy.

Protein helps nails grow faster, have a diet high in protein and you will see a difference. Include a vitamin D supplement as well. Fingernails grow faster in the summer time than any other season, and men's nails grow faster than woman. Younger people have a faster nail growth rate, and as you age your nail growth slows down. Your middle finger is the fastest nail to grow, and your little finger is the slowest to grow.

Throughout history, long fingernails painted, represented wealth and beauty. The ancient Egyptians were wearing long fingernails long before it became the fashion. They were known for nail shapes made from gold, bone and ivory, which were attached to the end of their fingers, this was to indicate wealth.

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