Monday, March 29, 2010

Salon Sterilization - What People Don't Know About the Possible Dangers Lurking in Their Nail Salon

Plantar warts, nail fungus, lice and even herpes - just a few of the nasty pathogens and diseases that could be lurking at the salon. Knowing how to keep salon instruments properly sanitized can help greatly diminish the risk of infection or the spread of bacteria. It's not just about spraying down combs and nail files with a disinfectant spray as many of them don't kill the toughest and most resilient germs. The best way to keep pathogens in their place is through the use of salon sterilization pouches.

How To Keep Your Salon Clean And Sanitized

A clean, hygienic salon is a popular salon. Using sterilization pouches, such as those used in hospitals, clinics and dental offices, is an ideal way to protect your salon instruments from getting soiled with bacteria, viruses or fungi. A high quality, medical-grade sterilization kit is placed in a sterilizing machine called an autoclave, where steam pressure and optionally heat kill even the most stubborn disease-causing agents. They're made with transparent, tough plastic fibers on one side to prevent punctures and tears, while the opposite side is made of paper so that the steam vapors can seep through and kill any microbial residue left on the salon tools.

What To Look For In A Salon Sterilization Pouch

Just like surgical instrument pouches, these storage kits should have indicators, both inside and outside of the pouch, which will alert you to any tears, rips or holes - even those you may not see. Good pouches will also allow you to access your tools easily and will seal themselves effortlessly. Sterile kits should also be written on with lead-free ink and the paper side should be made with non-recycled craft paper for tougher tear resistance. Buy only medical or hospital grade sterilization pouches for maximum effectiveness and choose a vendor with a strong reputation in safeguarding patients and customers from harm.

Additional Ways To Protect Your Salon From The Spread Of Infection

Beyond using salon sterilization pouches, you should also have jars of tuburculocidal disinfectant for combs, brushes, scissors and other trimming and cutting equipment. Wooden items like nail files and certain brushes should not be used on multiple clients because of wood's natural ability to harbor bacteria. Last, but certainly not least, you should take steps to educate your staff on the dangers of using non-hygienic tools which have not been properly sterilized before use. If a customer feels any stinging or pain during common salon work such as a manicure or pedicure, you should have the customer alert you right away, and take preventative maintenance steps accordingly.

Always open your salon sterilization pouch in plain view of the customer's sight to help her feel more at ease when having her nails or hair trimmed. When you follow the right procedures for a healthy, clean salon, you can expect more business to come your way almost instantly!

Salon Sterilization techniques are vital in protecting patrons from the dangers some salons might pose. Not knowing what to look for in cleanliness and hygiene could cause many types of infections in your nails. To learn more about sterilization practices and techniques, visit the industry leading authority, the best information.

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