Friday, March 19, 2010

Obesity and Social Setup

Sociologists and psychologists have shown that seeding localized social groups with certain ideas or behavioral trends can impregnate or implement these across entire global networks the social epidemics depend on few key influential individuals from whom everyone follows.

There are several phenomena which unwittingly pick up and pass through our social networks. One may be at a risk of gaining weight when he is among obese friends i.e. obesity appears to spread through social ties... The researchers have found that individual's chances of becoming obese increased by 57 percent if their spouse did, irrespective of age Obesity appears to be adopted through the social norm, i.e. as one sees his friends, in particular of the same gender, gain weight, this changes his idea of an acceptable weight gain. This could also help to explain the habits of eating disorders among groups of school girls and/or /boys recently.

Similarly, people quit smoking; they do so along with whole clusters of friends, relatives, social contacts, who are either non-smokers or are offended in presence of a smoker.

Though many may be aware of the problem, yet they are still susceptible, even when they are seeking to avoid undesirable behaviors or adopt positive habits. Cutting ties with old friends might be a bit drastic and uncomfortable, though spending less time will indeed be of benefit in order to change the present life style. In a word, one has to create subtle social orientation. We can be choosy about new friends, seeking out people whose life styles we try to adopt: if we want to lose weight. For example, one can join an athletic club and-most importantly-socialize with its members

Since one cannot avoid spending time with certain people whose behavior or emotional states, one desires not to adopt(certain relatives and family gatherings,for example), one would try to suppress natural inclination; not to be influenced with body language,facial expression, and so limit the contagion effect(s) of these groups.

We will always be vulnerable to those around us, and therefore we make sure that we are with the right people.

However, obesity acquired through the aforementioned traits can be easily reversed through the decisive attitude of losing weight by adopting slimming protocols and physical training.

There are also several herbal and synthetic drugs which may help to this effect, in particular, eating suppression disorders. We can summarize the slimming protocols in little point here:

• Eating food of low calorific content such as green vegetables and fruits of low carbohydrate content.

• Dieting with lean meat, poultry and fish as a daily intake in moderate amounts, and seasoned with desired with appropriate spices.

• Moderate physical exercise in regular and non-extraneous way, in order to burn excess fat versus carbohydrates only. Use interval training with cardio exercise walking, running, cycling, rowing or swimming.

• Some describe taking Acai berry pills, once per day, which have a high anti-oxidant content, and a powerful colon cleanser. This will induce elimination of sludge from the walls of the intestine, colon, and help to get rid of gas and bloating and regulate the metabolism.

• Using green tea as a beverage with low or no sugar content. It has a strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant property, and to induce slimming action as well.

• Many medications prescribed in pharmacological world are in fact of herbal origin; extracts of plant parts and the purified active principles, presented in the form of pills, drinks, ointments and gels. These will reduce the body fat through excessive burning or undue release. and however, be taken with medical advice and in moderation.

Name: George iskander
Borne in Khartoum (Sudan), 1942. Atained the following qualifications:
BSc(1964), MSc (1966), PhD(1970) Univ of Khartoum//Liverpool (England)
Affiliates: FRSC(CChem) England, MRACI (Australia), MSCS(Switzerland)

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