Thursday, July 15, 2010

Respiratory System - Fun And Interesting Facts About The Respiratory System

Considering that 1 in 250 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer at one point or another, knowing which testicular cancer symptoms to look for can be a life saving bit of knowledge. When you think about it, the statistics are staggering. Not only is testicular cancer fairly common, but it can affect any age group. While you're most likely to be diagnosed with testicular cancer while you're in the 15 to 40 age bracket, everyone from infants to the elderly are at risk. On the bright side, testicular cancer is one of the less deadly forms of the ailment. The mortality rate for testicular cancer as a whole is only around 10 percent, and when it is caught in the earliest stage that number drops to approximately 5 percent.

Still, many people have died from it and it doesn't matter how healthy you are. Take, for instance, Lance Armstrong. The man was a living legend and had won the Tour De France several times when he was diagnosed at the peak of his career. While he ended up living through it, testicular cancer was almost the end of this American Hero. As a result, a huge movement started with people buying and wearing yellow rubber LiveStrong wrist bands. Aimed at raising awareness, the little yellow bands did their job. All that, and many people still don't know many of the testicular cancer symptoms.

If you're unfamiliar with testicular cancer symptoms, please hop online and look them up. There are several of them, many of which are relatively obvious. Others, however, might not send up as many red flags. For example, did you know that dull pain in your lower abdomen is a symptom of testicular cancer? I certainly didn't, until I did my homework. I suggest you do some of your own, it could just save your life one day.

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