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Best Way to Lose Belly Fat - The 3 Stage Process

Importance of All Three Components

These components are intimately interconnected in the same way that the abdominal muscles are connected to rest of the body. On one hand, when you engage in full body exercises, you are actually reducing body fat and calories in all areas. Exercise is the best way to lose belly fat and to burn calories effectively and efficiently instead of the infomercials hawking contraptions promising to replace true-blue belly fat exercise. Think of the vibrating belt.

On the other hand, you have to eat the right kinds of food in the right amounts and at the right times. Keep in mind that your tissues, bones and muscles require food to supply energy for daily activities including exercise sessions, to nourish them with the necessary nutrients and to help in the repair of the body from injuries, illnesses and traumas.

A sensible lifestyle is necessary to tie the two parts together into one solid whole. Think of it this way: If you are still smoking cigarettes like a chimney and drinking alcohol like water, then even the best way to lose belly fat - exercise, that is - will be in vain. Your body will not be sufficiently healthy to withstand the demands of exercise, pure and simple.

So, if you are on a quest of reducing body fat especially around the stomach area, look at your diet and lifestyle habits first. You will soon realize that the best belly fat exercise is only as good as the food you eat and the things that you do in relation to the rest of your body.

Explanation of the Three Components

Let's start with exercise, which we have explained as the best way to lose belly fat. We strongly recommend full body exercises instead of the abs-specific exercise for many reasons. While the latter exercises only focus on the abdominals, the former exercises lead to faster metabolism, better hormonal response and superior burning of fats all over the body while still indirectly working on the abdominal muscles.

With full body exercises, you combine the benefits of a belly fat exercise with the advantages of an exercise designed toward reducing body fat. Of course, you can always engage in abs-specific exercises like crunches and sit-ups but for a shorter time, say, just 10 minutes in a 60-minute workout. You can then focus the 50 minutes on full body exercises like front squats, mountain climbers and renegade dumbbell rows, to name a few.

As for diet, we recommend choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, whole organic foods, nuts, seeds and fish oils, to name a few components of a healthy diet. Basically, go for high fiber, high protein and high nutrient foods.

Again, even the best way to lose belly fat will be of no use if and when you continue with your unhealthy lifestyle. You can spend hours on a belly fat exercise in the hopes of reducing body fat but if you are always lacking in sleep, it will be all for naught.

Although I have mentioned Three there are still a few more components that will propel you abdominal exercise routine to the next level,check out my site to learn more on how to lose belly fat fast and naturally with a great action plan

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