Monday, July 26, 2010

Symptoms For Testicular Cancer - Little Known Facts Every Man Should Know

When guys realize that their lifetime odds of getting diagnosed with it are 1 in 250, many men will go looking for the symptoms for testicular cancer. There are many of them to be aware of, but if you know exactly what to look for you have a better chance of catching testicular cancer in its early stages. If caught before it has spread to other organs, testicular cancer victims have a survival rate of 90 percent. When caught in the very first stage of existence, testicular cancer kills only 5 percent. Still, it is a very serious condition that deserves your very serious attention.

There are way too many symptoms for testicular cancer to list here, but I will briefly go over some of the most common ones that are easier to notice. Many people who get diagnosed with testicular cancer notice a dull pain or ache in their abdomen or groin. Also, an unusually enlarged or shrunk testicle is something to take notice of. If there is blood in your semen, sex is painful or if you have a sudden loss of sexual appetite altogether, you should be concerned. If you experience any of these symptoms, please see your doctor as soon as possible to get checked out.

Testicular cancer is most commonly found in Caucasian men aged 15 to 40, although it has been found in infants and the elderly as well. While talking to your doctor about symptoms of testicular cancer may be an awkward conversation to have, it can also be a lifesaving one. Your health is too precious to put at risk because you're afraid of getting embarrassed or you don't like going to the doctor. Physicians get asked weird questions all of the time and have seen just about everything. Talk to your doctor, you're worth it.

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