Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get Wet, Get Fit Diet - Swimming is a Great Way to Lose Weight and Be in Shape

Megan Quann Jendrick, a two-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer, created get Wet, Get Fit. This diet, being created by a world-renowned swimmer, is focused around swimming, one of the best workouts there is.
Get Wet, Get Fit is a low-impact exercise diet, which is fully discussed in a book. This published material tells its readers about the carbohydrate-rich diet essential to swimmers so they can survive the tough workout.
One of this book's charms is the true-to-life stories of how the swimmers went with their hard trainings, how they stay in great shape, and how the workout and lifestyle itself with the per-level-training regimens included in the book can help you in your quest for weight loss. Moreover, it contains pieces of advices from the other swimming champs.
Dubbed as one of the greatest athletic diets in the market, Get Wet, Get Fit is a great way to be acquainted with the field of swimming. It gives you an inside scoop of how these swimmers go through their athletic lives and stay in top shape.
What you must know about this diet is that it is very high in carbohydrates, unlike other diets. This is due to the intense exercises and activities swimming enthusiasts go through, which require them to have higher energy levels than regular people. So, the higher the carbohydrates, the more energy they can transform and more calories they can burn.
The nicest thing about this diet is that you are ensured that the intense exercise is equally met with a nutrient-rich diet making the whole program balanced and healthy. You are also allowed to eat anything, since you have a very effective outlet of losing all of the pounds you gain by doing the workout. With Get Wet, Get Fit, you would not suffer from those severe cravings and risk all of your hard work since you can easily compensate.
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