Monday, July 27, 2009

How to Increase Your Long-Term Success After Bariatric Surgery

When you consider the option of Bariatric surgery to begin losing unwanted weight, it will be emphasized by the surgeon that weight-loss surgery will not work alone. You cannot continue to eat unhealthy and avoid exercise like in the past. There has to be a commitment to changing your lifestyle for the better. This includes avoiding junk food which can be a challenge to break. This is because for years you have been use to eating whatever you like, say it be from your favorite fast food restaurant or unlimited amounts of snacks at home. Vegetables and fruits may be cringed at, but they will have to become a major part of the new diet plan since they carry tons of essential nutrients that the body needs.

The chances of succeeding with the new diet can be slim if you are not guided and motivated. Fortunately, many patients can get the support and guidance through a Bariatric program. There are some behavior modification techniques that can be implemented to increase your success following the surgery.

When it comes to grocery shopping, a list should be made and stuck to. This means not putting junk food into your cart. Buying only the necessary items and avoiding purchasing foods that other people in the household will eat will help to control the temptations of snacking on unhealthy foods at home. It is best to take a visit to the grocery store on a full stomach so that your stomach is not eyeing up the foods for you.

Once at home, foods should be not visible. You are less tempted if you cannot see foods on the counter or on the kitchen table. Instead of eating too large of portions, leftovers should be quickly stored or thrown out.

Eating slowly is very important after surgery. This is because if you eat too quickly you may vomit. Mealtimes will be longer than prior to your surgery. You may need between 30 to 60 minutes to eat your meal. Small bites that are chewed into a liquid consistency are the ideal way to eat.

If you like to eat when you are bored, depressed, or anxious you should find activities to avoid eating. This can be simply by going for a walk, listening to music, doing yoga, or finding a new hobby. Anything to keep your mind away from going into the kitchen will help to avoid overeating.

These are just a few of the ways you can try to help assist you in staying on the right path of maintaining a healthy diet and losing and keeping the weight off. Changing one's diet can be difficult, but with the right support and knowledge, you will have the tools to accomplish your goals.

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