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Obesity and Weight Loss - Affects and Treatments

Obesity and weight loss are the two things always in the minds of those who are obese. You do a lot of exercise. You have experimented with all weight loss solutions, tried different weight loss meals. You never missed any obesity and weight loss seminar, bought all weight loss CDs that come into the market. Still you don't find any visible improvement. There you are, standing on the weighing scale and wondering why the needle keeps moving higher and higher everyday. Don't get impatient. You are not the only one.

There are many like you, including me. Obesity among teens, adolescents and older people is on the rise. The living style, diet, Television and other entertainments are the primary causes for the rise in obesity and especially childhood obesity. Today's diets and fast food joints make children fat and obese. Research at the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that drinking only one can of a sugary beverage every day for a year could result in a weight gain of 15 pounds
Can it be prevented? Yes, you can become the charming and attractive person that you were.

You can get back that enticing figure which everyone dreams for. Following the guaranteed weight loss programs will yield positive results only if you are disciplined. Discipline is the first step towards controlling obesity and attaining instant weight loss (instant weight loss here does not mean overnight weight loss but over a period of time.)How do you do this? By reducing overweight and preventing obesity with a disciplined life style and diet. Physical exercises along with the the right diet will help you reduce your weight and obesity. In extreme obese cases like morbid obesity medication, diet and physical exercises have a limited influence, it is weight loss surgery which is recommended by doctors. In the case of morbid obesity weight loss surgery has given better results.

The effects of obesity in women are different. The nature of their bodies makes obese women more prone to health problems. Some of the problems due to obesity are really critical and calls for immediate treatments in consultation with a doctor.

Let us face the true fact: weight loss or losing weight is not an easy job. Try to recollect. When did you last see yourself in the mirror as an attractive slim and slender you, with no flab trying to push outside in all directions. You don't remember. Yes, you cannot recollect because it began long ago. You have been growing fat and obese over a period of time. It did not happen overnight. So how can you expect now for things to change overnight. Obesity to vanish in a day. You cannot lose all that weight and fat accumulated over a period of time in one day. It has to be a process and it should be a disciplined process. You do a workout one day and then avoid for the next six days of the week. Then how can you expect obesity to go away. You promise not to eat junk food. There you are in the evening walking in the market with you friends and eyeing the food that is tempting. You say to yourself let me have it this one time and I will double my exercise tomorrow. But this never happens, everyday it is the same story. While standing before the mirror you suddenly see that your obesity is still growing. Then and there you take a pledge to do the workout or exercise everyday sincerely, for the umpteenth time. It is for these reasons that childhood obesity is leading to serious consequences in children's health and well being.
Discipline is the first thing you should follow to get rid of obesity and attain permanent weight loss. You follow a regimen. Stick to the routine and follow it come what may. Only such an attitude will bring you back to the olden days - when you had a slim and slender figure. When others use to turn their heads to look at your with awe. How would you like that to happen again. It can happen, provided you follow a disciplined life style. Nothing is impossible. Making things happen is in your hands. Reducing obesity, losing weight is in your hands. So make a start to reduce your obesity and lose weight. It is not a difficult task. Reducing obesity is like any other goal you have achieved. There are many who have been able to overcome obesity and reduce their weights. You can also join them and lead a normal social life, attend parties, dance, jump around and play any games. You can avoid those embarrassing moments like when you enter an aircraft and move towards your seat you begin to wonder how smoothly you can fit into your seat so that your co-passengers don't watch you struggling.

You can reduce your weight and cure yourself from obesity. I am a proof for this. I could achieve it. I realised I should help others who are still suffering from obesity to lead a normal life avoiding all those embarrassing moments. This pushed me towards creating this web site. I have tried to share with you all my experiences and information that I found useful for achieving my goal of getting rid of obesity and losing weight to gain that slim svelte figure.

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