Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best Exercise to Lose Stomach Fat - 2 Great Diet and Exercise Plans

In many ways, we cannot blame such a misconception because we have been exposed to a wide variety of fitness contraptions that promise six pack abs by solely focusing on the abdominal area.

Medical studies, however, have pointed out that a six pack exercise belly is neither a result of walking to lose weight nor of abs specific exercises. Flat, toned and strong abdominal muscles are the result of a combination of a proper regimen of resistance training and a proper diet in keeping your ideal weight.

Resistance Training

So, why do we say that resistance training is the best exercise to lose stomach fat instead of cardiovascular training? The answer lies in the way that each type of training works on the body.

On one hand, cardiovascular exercises make the body create more body fat in preparation for the next sessions. This will lead the cardiovascular system to be more efficient performing easy work but lessening its ability in handling stress. Thus, walking to lose weight, whether it is on pavement or on the treadmill, is definitely not the best way to secure a nice-looking six pack abs.

On the other hand, resistance training challenges the body to increase its capacity, improve its response to stress and, hence, make it stronger from the bones to the muscles. In fact, acquiring lean muscle through resistance training is precisely the reason why it is the best exercise to lose stomach fat.

So, what is resistance training? It is simply any exercise that causes muscles to contract with an external resistance working against them. Said external resistance methods include dumbbells, barbells and rubber tubing as well as your own body weight. Well, of course walking to lose weight also involves body weight but there is no external resistance applied during the whole exercise.

Resistance training is the best for the six-pack exercise belly because of the way it acts on the muscles. When you are pulling weights, the muscles suffer from microscopic tears in the cells. When these damaged cells regenerate, increased strength, endurance and stamina is achieved.

Keep in mind that, in order to continue engagement in the best exercise to lose stomach fat, you must have strength, endurance and stamina. The cycle is such that, as you exercise more, the more of the desired exercise belly comes to the fore. This is not possible with walking to lose weight.

Healthy Diet

Lest you start thinking that exercise is all there is to gaining six-pack abs out of potbellies, think again. You also have to adopt a radically different diet than the junk food, processed food and other unhealthy food items that form the staple of your food consumption today.

Contrary to popular opinion, high-calorie and high-carbohydrate foods are the enemies in attaining an exercise belly to be proud of in the same way that walking to lose weight is not the best exercise to lose stomach fat. We recommend eating healthy servings of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat grains and legumes, nuts and seeds as well as virgin coconut oil and olive oil, to name a few healthy foods.

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