Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fast Food is Getting Healthier But is it Still a Good Option?

We all love fast food! It is part of our lifestyle! Some people totally give in and make it their main food having it three times a day. Big Mac or stake, what's the difference they may argue!

When I was a child we didn't have fast food. I was having farm grown chicken cooked by my mom and not deep fried from KFC! The temptation simply wasn't there and now I think that was a blessing.

Since, society changed and we changed as well. We depend on served meals, frozen food and fast food.

Now I got into the fast food habit myself. Being away from home made it hard to get a good meal. Most of us are just the same these days. For one reason or another we don't seem to have the time to enjoy preparing a good healthy meal.

Surprisingly enough though, today some fast food stores are geared toward improving the quality of their food. Sometimes you can get a very healthy meal at your local fast food joint. They are not better than cooked meals but they are definitely better than the classic junk food.

When you get a burger say "NO" to mayo and cheese. By doing that you cut a fair share of unhealthy fat. If the burger feels a little dry, mustard and ketchup will fix the problem.

The cheese used to prepare burgers is really processed junk full of oil and other garbage. It has nothing to do with milk as you may believe and sometimes is made from cooking oil only! Cheese made of oil has an orange look and it looks and feels oily. VERY unhealthy!

Avoid BACON in your burger. Often bacon is not cooked but only put under and heated up.

Following these simple but reasonable rules you can cut down on calories and avoid VERY UNHEALTHY ingredients.

Next rule: don't touch deep fried food. Chicken is tempting but boy, can it ever be super damaging to your health!!! You feel like chicken? Sure, have it all you want, just don't touch the deep fried one. Chicken meat is lower in fat so don't waste a perfectly good meal deep frying it. If all the chicken is deep fried then it is time to start looking into burgers for a healthier meal.

The next item on the chop block: french fries. How about getting a salad instead? From time to time it's OK to get french fries, just don't make them your regular choice.

Some joints try to keep up with cool trends and offer meatless burgers. Tofu is the main ingredient in these burgers and people eating it usually go through an "animal friendly" phase in their life. That lasts until they get a taste of real meat. The trend is more obvious in colleges.

You can try meatless burgers. They will be less rich in fat but it will take a while to get used with their taste. Careful though, just because they don't contain meat doesn't mean you can stuff them with mayo and cheese!

I myself I prefer to go to Mr. Sub. It is a personal preference but looking for healthier food you can go to any other good shop. Load up your sandwich with veggies, chicken and/or turkey.

I would prefer to go to a shop that shows the number of calories that go in your food. This way you could load your sandwich with your favourite ingredients AND control the calories intake!

If you want to get a drink with your sandwich don't get a regular pop. Get a diet drink or even better, get water. I prefer water as I think diet drinks are just as bad as regular pop, just loaded with other chemicals.

Here are a few things you may need to know in order to give up pop:

- a can of you favourite pop drink contains almost 10 tea spoons of sugar

- the color of the most popular pop drink is actually green and the colour we all know is due to synthetic colourants

- pop dehydrates you

- popular pop drinks are used to remove rust, blood stains and other heavy stains

So there you go! A few rules we hope will help you stay on the healthy side nest time you open the door of your favourite fast food place.

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