Friday, August 27, 2010

Does eDiets Work?

eDiets is another great example of how different people's opinion can be on dieting. While some absolutely love eDiets others are completely against it.

While this is happening to other diet programs as well, stands out with its "ability" to completely annoy existing or prospective customers together with its unique "creative" billing system.

To be completely objective we have to admit that this issue has nothing to do with the diet itself and customers using can have a very good dieting experience.

One good thing about is its flexibility. Different people need different solutions when dieting and offers a variety of alternatives.

Those finding hard to follow are free to try The Atkins diet, The Zone or other eating plans included in

While some people choose one of these diets and try to make the best out of it others try combinations or even make up their own diet. This seems an interesting idea since we can't expect one diet to work the same for all of us. Unfortunately dieters don't get enough information about the food outside the eating plans.

The truly unfortunately part about is the way they handle the billing part of the web site. Discounts that are not always taken in consideration, hidden fees and charges, auto payment deductions applied even after the subscription cancellation, staff members claiming they never received the cancellation order even though you did cancel. So all in all you want to be really careful about using

I hate fighting for my money in situations like these!

All things considered, in the end you are the judge. If you don't mind spending some cash, if you are certain you will stick with a diet plan, if you are sure you will get along with the eating plan, you can give it a go.

If you won't like what they recommend you though, a $25 dollars cancellation fee will be applied. MAKE SURE you won't get charged AFTER you cancel.

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